The Best Budget Smartphone You Never Heard Of? LG Q6 Review

It may not have received all the coverage of the V30 or other devices but the LG Q6 is a budget smartphone to be reckoned with. This may be the best sub-$300 phone you can currently buy….but there may be some sacrifices.

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44 Replies to “The Best Budget Smartphone You Never Heard Of? LG Q6 Review”

  1. Timbob Jones

    Hopefully there is never a pie update for Q6 with it already being a small phone with the new dim the brightness down to the point of not being able to see the screen feature there wont be anything to see at all.

  2. Tomislav Bunjevcevic

    I was drawn to the screen on this phone, I guess because of the oversharpening. I should be wearing glasses but I don't so this screen looks just right to me.
    I have LG G2 and it is a smashing phone, but I'm looking for an upgrade. My criteria is new generation cpu, it can be weakest but just as long it is modern. 3000+ mAh battery, sub 5.5" display, gyroscope, good gps. No apple or samsung allowed. what are my options?

  3. Timothy Steeves

    Got this phone for $200 Canadian new and learned that the Oreo 8.0 is coming soon which includes a simulated surround sound!
    He forgot to mention that it has Gorilla glass which is vertually scratch and shatter proof!

  4. StarBoy

    Absolutely nice display
    Put it next to moto G5S plus and you will see the difference…. This phone feels like flagship… Face unlock is fast ( not slow )… Battery life around 1 hour screen on time for 10% !!!

  5. jam kop

    Most people here recommending other phones didn't even own the Q6. How can you recommend a phone over another one that you didn't try? Right your opinion is totaly based on the Youtube video's out there for this phone isn't it?

  6. Liem Solow

    I think the Moto G5S Plus is better than this, especially since there's very little bloatware, or extra shit from the Moto skin, and it's around $200-$240

  7. 1sonyzz

    roundish screen – going back to 1930's – 50's manufacturers ''invent'' things were invented decades ago and everyone thinks its new… 0 innovation from manufacturers these days

  8. OG azazel

    the phone's display looks downright amazing but the back looks really ugly,i mean like c'mon if you are going to make that display that sick don't make the back that ugly for lords sake. Another con is the processor, A SNAPDRAGON 435! they could have at least given an 600 series processor

  9. courtney Vegan

    I returned mine because the back got hot after watching YouTube after a minute. Also the face recognition does not work with less light. But for the price,and lack of bezels,it's close to being a bargain. I just can't live with can phone that gets hot. Instead of face recognition,a finger print scanner would be better.

  10. Andrew

    to back kinda looks ugly imo. That's not a big deal since id probably get a case but that processor is what really kills it for me

  11. GHenny

    no offense but when the Indian dude makes the video, I click off immediately, doesn't feel like the same quality as Dmitry, idk maybe because I'm a long time viewer and I'm just so comfortable hearing his voice and his presentations. I think the indian dude is a pretty cool guy though, just not when he makes videos for Dmitry.

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