The BEST iOS 12 HIDDEN Features!

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iOS 12 HIDDEN FEATURES! What are your favorite?
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– iPhone X App Switcher
– Accidental Screen Shot
– Automatic Updates
– Messages Shortcuts
– Siri Voices
– Multiple Faces in Face ID
– Smarter Siri
– Scan QR Code in Control Center
– Voice Memos Customization
– Screen Time Widget
– Animojis are now 30 seconds long
– Music App Lyrics Search

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38 Replies to “The BEST iOS 12 HIDDEN Features!”

  1. Windshield Alert

    Simply put…. Amazing !!!>>> When the phone first came out I thought it was just a gadget and not worth the money. However after a week of using it, I can honestly say I was wrong. Love the full screen display, facial recognition and other new features. Great phone !!!

  2. Hips

    JM:10 new features!
    actually 9 new features
    comment section:…
    1 old feature
    comment section:@#$!@%@#$%@#$%!$@%@#$%@#$%@

  3. HotSizzleTV

    How are you able to make a video with your emoji and Memoji with the character you make I can’t figure out how to record with it I can only take a photo and be on FaceTime with them.

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