THE BEST Samsung S9 / S9+ Tempered Glass Screen Protector. How To Fit, Tested & Reviewed.

Hi guys, here’s where to get this screen protector:

I’ve tried another tempered glass screen protector for my S9+, this time from Klearlook. You’ve probably heard of them before, they get great reviews on Amazon and I’ve used them before. I have to say, I’m so impressed with how this fits. It also comes with a fitting tool/guid so that it’s super easy to drop on. In this video, I review the Klearlook screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+, show you how to install it, and test it.

29 Replies to “THE BEST Samsung S9 / S9+ Tempered Glass Screen Protector. How To Fit, Tested & Reviewed.”

  1. JB 86

    Just installed the klearlook protector tonight. Definitely the best one I've seen. Have used on s7 edge for 2 years before I got the s9 +. Perfect fit, great quality and really minimal loss of sensitivity. Highly recommended!!!

  2. FT Dragneel

    Nope! That's not a good product then sides are black. That should be clear. After installation you can see the line on each side. I dont want to see that when I am watching something.

  3. Toni M

    Hi so i'm trying to find my girlfriend a good glass screen protector for her galaxy S9 so do you still recommend it to others and is this one full adhesive unlike others that are just around the edges? =/ i like full adhesive

  4. Scape Gogoat

    Decided to buy this kind of protector because of your video and how well it fit your screen but I just received it and it is too small to fit an S9 but fits an S8. Should I get a refund or just return it for the correct size?

  5. Matko Bošnjak

    Is this a screen protector go to for sg9+ i just got mine
    .and im def gonna be rocking a case and i saw that that dome glass is whats ur opinion what should i get?

  6. michaelsmiley15

    I suspect what they call tempered glass is not tempered glass
    I have one installed on my phone 3 days ago and it's already broke now tempered glass is basically shatter resistant so it shouldn't have broken at all and it's also chipped tempered glass is Chip resistant it makes no sense whatsoever

  7. jad

    Does this screen protector alter the colour and vibrance at all? Does anything get underneath the screen protector?

  8. Kyle Morton

    Finally! I've been looking for a good tempered glass protector. I was looking at the whitestone but it uses so much glue I'd be afraid it would never come off if it shattered and would ruin my actual screen. And this is $35 cheaper for me :D. I just bought it on and will leave a comment after I get it installed. On a side note, your amazon link doesn't work in case you want to update it 🙂

  9. youssef flis

    I M Gonna buy a galaxy s9+ should I buy this kind of screen protector "klearlook" . And can you tell me please why the whitestone glass is so expensive ? Thx

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