The Best Samsung Tablets | Early 2020 Edition

These are the best Samsung tablets (updated):

Here are the best Samsung tablets you can buy in 2020. Among those are the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Tab S4, Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with S Pen, the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 Edition, and the simple Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019.

Which of those tablets do you prefer?

By the way, all of them are running Android 9 Pie right now and most will probably get updated to Android 10 and Android 11. However, I can’t promise anything. It’s just an estimate based on the past.


What I use for my videos:

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42 Replies to “The Best Samsung Tablets | Early 2020 Edition”

  1. Bine

    i have the tab a7 and it works great for what i do. i have the zagg limitless keyboard to pair it with. nice combo. sometimes the keyboard goes into a standby mode and awakens at a push of a button. it has that lag when awaken typing but its a second/split second thing once awaken the typing is seamless.

  2. Malcolm Alexander

    Nice review video. I have been looking for a new tablet for my wife as she keeps borrowing my iPad, which also needs replacing as it is iPad4 and getting a few hickups as well as no further updates. Almost bought the 10.1" today, but couldn't get the right color, so settled for the A7 with 10.4" screen and feel far happier as it's being delivered tomorrow morning. Will be looking for something a little better for myself and do like Gallaxy as I have the A5 (2017) phone, which is excellent for me. Was thinking about an additional A8 but after your review, I will stick with the larger sizes.
    Thanks again and I will keep watching.

  3. Milena Stolic

    I have a question about samsung tab A 2019, can it work with an S pen if you buy it separately? I need it for art and school and I'm not sure if my parents would let me get an s6 lite since it costs a lot more here than it does anywhere else

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