The Cat S60 is super rugged and can see in the dark

The Cat S60 is the first phone with a thermal camera built in. It can measure the heat of specific objects, or even let you see in the dark. But the best part is that it’s still a pretty good phone, too — even with its rugged, niche design.


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35 Replies to “The Cat S60 is super rugged and can see in the dark”

  1. James Kramer

    bit late to the party, but everyones complaining about price? you do realize that its half the price of a samsung right? $500 vs $1,000? i just bought mine and yeah its a bit behind spec wise, but really if you need the features its got, the tech doesnt matter. im in the military and i bought it for the waterproof and shock proof capabilities. and yes there are other phones that say they can handle it, but from experience, ive seen they dont. havent gotten to put it through the ringer yet, but so far, the colors are good, the speeds are good, it uses all my apps my other phone did, only issue is gps inside buildings can take a little bit to load, but the SOS button for an emergency could really be great.

  2. Christoffer Fossli

    awesome phone! had it for a year, and in norway it cost me 750 euros? but, wourth every cent? only phone that lastet me more than 6 months?drawback: protection screen sucks, uses a LOT of battery? hiking app i a act of genius?

  3. Javier K-Fighter.

    Do not buy this phone, I got one and had to send it for repairs 3 months after, it was replaced and the second one is coming apart in pieces and the repair cost for a cosmetic job is the same price of a new phone. The camera is terribly bad and the thermal imaging camera is really really slow. Don't waste your money, there are way better options out there. Cheers !

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