The Chinese MacBook Killer – TEN HOUR BATTERY – Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

It has ten hours of battery life, an aluminum chassis, and is less than $1000? Yes.

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42 Replies to “The Chinese MacBook Killer – TEN HOUR BATTERY – Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro”

  1. Xuân Hưng Lê

    to who doesn't know. In December 2017, I bought this laptop with the free Windows Student, so while you reinstall the windows student edition, you would automatically get the English version of Xiaomi Laptop with full license and free Microsoft office too

  2. Nehco Oahnait

    0:12 here we go typical linus bias. In canada due to trade deals with the US, tariffs against Murican products are low to nothing. yet it taxes other countries' product and in the end consumers pay for it. In EU, it is truly fucked cuz they tax both Macbook and xiaomi's product and Xiaomi never even considered to enter european market at full scale. yet, that is where the prices truly mean something. your review helps little towards people that are not from China or Canada Murica.

  3. MS3300

    buy a new windows key? Are you insane? Go to your local "tech guy" and get the key for $20 instead of bolstering a multi million dollar corporation.

  4. Jackson Francisco da Silva

    On modern laptops the windows serial key comes into the BIOS. So if you install your system using a UEFI boot USB drive you can install the windows in whatever language you want and will activate automatically once you go online. The only thing you can't do it's to change the type of your license, once the serial recorded on your bios it's a Windows 10 Home Single Language if you want to change to Windows 10 Pro and install it in UEFI system, you'll have to record your Windows 10 Pro serial key on the BIOS before doing it. By the way, the disc where you'll install your UEFI system HAS to be formated and partitioned on GPT. There is a ton of videos teaching how to prepare a UEFI installation drive. He couldn't activate it because he installed it on legacy bios mode.

  5. Jay G

    Running this for almost 3 years now. And got really good use now on work from home during lockdown. Still getting 8hours battery lasts me a full day. Light gaming and 1080p video editing is a breeze. Price to performance is great on this laptop. Will probably stay with it for a few years more.

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