The cost of banning Huawei technology

Some security experts have warned Canada about doing business with Huawei, or working with it on 5G technology. The company has been accused of having ties to Chinese espionage activities.

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43 Replies to “The cost of banning Huawei technology”

  1. david mccallum

    Viewers misunderstand. Canada is not follow orders from the US, MANY NATIONS GLOBALLY obviously cooperate in legal matters of extradition. Canada doesn't want to be a haven for international law breakers. The woman is an officer of the company. However, showing their real colours, China now retaliates by not taking our crops of canola. Instead of the scientific WAKE UP CALL on 5-G, Canada won't focus on marketing to other countries to sell products.
    Canadians MUST wake up to the financial reality… CHINA IS NOT FRIENDLY. They steal technology, obviously play political games, and we have a trade imbalance with them. I won't get into other issues here.

  2. Kin FR L

    If Canada canarrested Huawei CFO and bans Huawei, so can China arrested Canadian citizens and bans import of canola, so what is the issue.

  3. Yamin Haniyah

    This is new global agenda. Huawei is just trying to get American companies to buy from them. I personally think we should say No. No one should trust someone spying on you.

  4. iTelephone 8

    Arresting Meng was unbelievably shameful on the part of Canada and Canadians should just be ashamed. Canada might be bound by a treaty but this treaty cannot apply here because it is unfair to Meng. Canada should ask the US about the other companies' executives!

  5. Dumb Ass

    canada bends over for america, every single time
    33 million are more productive than 330 million of our southern neighbours
    banning a foreign company based on unfounded claims, that is a joke
    the fact that canada detained their CFO ONLY BECAUSE WE WERE ASKED TO
    they searched her, her possessions, and her technology without warrant, prior to informing of rights to council……. that is outside the rule of law, especially here in canada

    canada is selling out to the corporations and america's foreign policies that are already established in america, because we cant fight back against the worlds biggest military…… that would be suicide

    they ask, we do, no questions asked…….. sad sad day here in canada :'(
    sorry huawei

  6. Daniel Rappy

    Canada, u dissapointed me, and the ban of the Huawei's 5G by UK, USA and Australia, dissapointing too tho, the rest of the world is with Huawei, so he can be like, sorry did I hurt ur pssy?

  7. Qinby 1

    The US sanctions of Iran is not international law, breaking US law in Spain is not breaking a law, it happened in another country.
    US law only have jurisdiction in the US, hence could not be a reason for an extradition.

  8. knight night

    Has Canada got the rewards from US, donno what US promised, my guess is some thousands tons of dog food. Make sure it a pet shop premium brand, not some cheap supermarket brand.

  9. Shaka Zulu

    This saga orchestrated by America to put down Huawei has the actual reverse effect.
    All the negativity by Americans is actually making Huawei more stronger and more popular world wide.
    With less than 1% of its sales in America, the joke is actually on America

  10. WES

    We should never have allowed Huawei to gain such a strong foothold into the west they truly are a global treat and yes they are spying for Beijing its obvious China would never allow a single company to operate in its country without having any control over it afterall they shut down the internet over there every now and then. Anti Virus companies have found long ago Chinese electronics sending hidden info to Beijing secret locations so nothing new here get China out period.

  11. Bruh Xd

    Lol Most of y'all never been in china. So how do you know if it's Like Rlly communism ?? And the government monitor them???
    There the Murder Terrorism level is rlly rlly low and In Xi an there is a Muslim street and locals there dont give a Damm about US.

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