The Definitive iPhone XS Max Review

My definitive review of the Apple iPhone Xs Max. Apple didn’t make it for iPhone X owners. Enjoy!
iPhone Xs vs XS Max unboxing:
dbrand –

My in-depth iPhone XS review, 1 week later. Covering the larger 6.5 inch display, A12 Bionic Processors, improved stereo speakers, improved 12MP camera with a larger sensor and better portrait mode & more!

Cole DeRuse – Leper (audio test)
Tech N9ne – Levetation ft. Nave Monjo (iPhone video montage)
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41 Replies to “The Definitive iPhone XS Max Review”

  1. De Loughrey

    Have to top all my exams and clean the house everyday perfectly to have this shit. Having to top all the exams is too hard, like I'm the dumbest student of all time. If u have this gee. Congrats man, having this kind of phone is like a dream to me and all of my mates

  2. Justin Arnols

    you know i love the new features on my iphone 6s….buh a would love to see they update siri so that we can interact with it more easily almost like Samsung's BIXY mahn that thinh is good…i used it on an S8 and i must say when i checked out the note 9 it was even better thank you samsung….I'm not picking sides here you know I'm still a big fan of Apple always have been…buh plz bring us new features that can come in handy for every day use….why i also love apple is that it is unlike Android that you have to wait months or even years for new software updates and shit….so plz resppnd to this and hear me out…i love to see how technology is moving forward

  3. Gaming Enthusiast 101

    Why do people say that iPhones have been increasingly getting more expensive, here is the price for the iPhone on release day from iPhone 6;
    iPhone 6: $649
    iPhone 6s: $649
    iPhone 7: $649
    iPhone 8: $699

    The x and Xs are the same price but they are more expensive because they use more expensive materials like stainless steel and tech like the screen. People are complaining for no reason

  4. Olivia Anderson

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  5. Bounty6Gulf

    Went in to send my iPhone 8 plus in for a new battery. Was offered a free up grade with $280 in store credit. Now I have a xs max with fancy toys to go with it.

  6. kuzia1984

    So much dumb and wrong info in this “review”.
    1. The iPhone X cases do fit the XS.
    2. Apple doesn’t include a fast charger to avoid being blamed for fast battery degradation.
    3. The speaker grille is asimetric due to the antennas (or rather the new antenna used for 4×4 MiMo).
    And many others. Zero technical knowledge, a lot of bullshit spilled just to make this “review” longer.

  7. Amir Abdullah

    It’s a cool phone , got one but why didn’t it come with ear buds wireless is beyond me , fast charging should’ve been a wireless charger included for that price. Honestly should’ve been some other goodies included in the box and didn’t anyone really even notice the speaker because the phone is mad loud anyways , the notch I don’t even pay attention to it . The camera is good. Takes great picture and all that said is it worth 1k ? Hell no.

  8. Xxxtentacion Cr7

    In my country this phone costs 1478 dollars, and if you need to fix your front screen it will cost you 422 dollars, and everything else to fix.. like your back screen costs 739 dollars to fix..

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