The First iPhone vs The First Android!

Both iOS and the Android operating system are used by billions of people every day. But back at the beginning, which was best? iPhone vs Android.

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The original iPhone released in 2007 was hailed as revolutionary in a world where BlackBerry, Palm, and Microsoft Windows Phone reigned king. Google was working on a competitor to these platforms with the Android team they purchased in 2005. After the iPhone unveiling, Google changed course and the T-Mobile HTC Dream was launched in 2008. How did the two compare and which one was better? iPhone vs Android.

28 Replies to “The First iPhone vs The First Android!”

  1. Halal Pilot

    My first smart phone was an LG something. Android Eclair I think? It was whatever was available in 2010 and wasn't that great of a phone. Definitely not the top-of-the-line at the time but in fact bottom tier device. I then moved to the Galaxy range starting with Lollipop(?) until this year when I had the Galaxy S10 Plus but with my upgrade this time around I switched to Apple with the iPhone 12 Max. I only did this because I already have an iPad and figured it would be more convenient to have the same family of hardware and when I buy Airpods I don't have to buy two sets for two platforms. I'm happy with my choice to switch for now. I'm not a power user so I don't care about a lot of the missing features. I just want podcasts and texting.

  2. Ginj Ninj

    My first andriod was a LG Optimus. I saw people at ny school with it and it was so cool. I was dying to have it. Still rocking andriod today. I have a note 10+

  3. The Minecrafter's Duo

    My first "phone" was the iPod Touch Third Gen, and weirdly enough, the only thing I remember about it, was that we only got iOS 6.1, instead of 6 at one point. So much for support! Sure my current OPPO phone is stuck on 8.1, but I can make it feel like android 10, with a few launchers and icon packs

  4. Ace Mashiach

    People think I have a problem going back and forth too but as you mentioned, there are features on both platforms that cater to different functionality and uses that I enjoy.

    Currently sporting a Note20 Ultra

  5. 00gr1ngo

    much appreciation for this video, especially that ending comment how both operating systems benefit each other. i currently prefer android, and while ive owned multiple iphones as well as multiple android devices, it honestly comes down to the live interactive wallpaper and launcher im currently using (check out the betta fish wallpaper as well as niagara launcher, both very dope and totally worth paying for the premium versions). couldnt care less about icon packs or games, but the way my phone looks and how no one else's looks like mine, keeps me on android

  6. Eshban Velez

    First Smartphone was Moto Razr Max… Present-Galaxy S10e

    I'm on the verge of trying Iphone after years of Android because I've seen improvements in some areas of IOS that I like

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