The Flagship LG V35 ThinQ Android Phone — REVIEWED!

Looking for a great Android smartphone but not a huge fan of Samsung? Or just want to see all the options out there? LG’s new V35 ThinQ Slim is a great new choice for a wide variety of users, featuring a gorgeous screen, terrific sound and an AI-based camera system. But is it really the best possible choice on the market?

Tech expert Dave Taylor of checks out the LG V35 and finds it a solid option in the Android space, with much to really like. There are, however, a few things to know before you make a purchase decision…

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28 Replies to “The Flagship LG V35 ThinQ Android Phone — REVIEWED!”

  1. Ellie X

    "Why are people still shooting with cameras…"
    That was ignorant as hell, smartphones will never be anything near real DLSR cameras. People wouldn't say a penguin is as smart as a doctor would they?

  2. Michael Gilbert

    Why do people still use digital cameras when phone cameras are so good? Well, just try taking pictures of airplanes in the air at an airshow, or any other circumstance that requires zoom, and you'll find out. I use my phone's camera, but when things get serious, out comes the Canon SX-40…

  3. Chad Higgins

    Can u tell me how to update the V35 AT&T. I'm not using AT&T. So no updates ever.
    Can I just put in someone's AT&T sim card in it? Or does it have to be a V35 AT&T sim card? Please help!

  4. David Martrano

    I picked this up on Amazon for 529.00 a prime exclusive. I also use the s9+ and it compares very well. The camera on the 9+ appears to be better. Especially in low light. But other than that it matches up quite well. Very happy with the price & performance. I highly recommend this phone at 529.00!

  5. Dr. donna Walter

    Thank you for the video. Reading the comments I see one can charge and turn it on at the same time. Have you had a chance to look over the LG V40 and compare these two phones? I would love to hear your thoughts between the two phones. Thank you.

  6. Ken B.

    I think that people buying this phone are getting ear buds included in the box. Maybe they owe you the earbuds! Also, Project Fi is charging $599.00 right now. LG gives an additional second year warranty if you register your V35 with them.

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