The Full Complete Guide – Samsung One UI 2.0 With Android 10

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we cover everything new and a part of the Samsung One UI 2.0 with Android 10 update. This should be a one stop shop of everything you need to know.

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41 Replies to “The Full Complete Guide – Samsung One UI 2.0 With Android 10”

  1. Kev M.

    Does anybody else's phone have a small pop up call bar?? I know you can change it in the settings to mini pop up or keep it as the regular pop up, but the default is the regular pop up, but the mini keeps showing up. Is there a solution to this?? I don't like the mini pop up. I have a Samsung Note 9 on AT&T, & my phone just updated to Android 10. Thank you.

  2. PTRK

    This update kind of fucked up my samsung music libary. On some albums, the album cover are goneπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ but further all, the new one ui is dopeπŸ‘

  3. Earl Lewis

    Why i dont have that kind of features in camera and i dont have screen recorder
    i just update the system yesterday to android 10 whyy? can someone please answer my question please πŸ™

  4. David Watkins

    I did a factory reset. I could not go back to Android 9. It loaded as Android 10. It seems that the 'Android upgrade' had wiped the original 'factory' as well.

  5. Zxnith84

    Okay I have a question. how do you make the clock go to the corner? I have dynamic wallpapers on and the clock is in the middle and it looks cool in the corner

  6. Prateek R

    Hi.. swipe down anywhere on home screen to get notification is not working after upgrading android 10 one UI2 in Samsung A70. I have enabled Swipe down for notification panel option in settings but still not getting it. Can anyone help me on this how to get it back.

  7. JILJO T J

    My samsung m40 battery drain rapidly and getting heat in idle condition after updated to android 10 one ui 2.0. Is it the common issue ??? Plz help

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