The Galaxy S10's Incredible Display!

Literally everything new about the Galaxy S10’s new display!
Galaxy S10 First Impressions:
That wallpaper:

Optical fingerprint reader scratch test:

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44 Replies to “The Galaxy S10's Incredible Display!”

  1. Park Rosé

    Um…You guys every phone, they have their own features and their own specialities. You can’t say people who buy the kind of phones u don’t like a dummy. It’s just their choices in technology. Like u can’t tell an Androids lover to switch to Apple and say Androids are suck. Or u can’t tell a Apple lover to switch to Androids and say Apple sucks. U just can’t you can’t tell them what to do or what they think. U can’t tell them, only if they wanted to switch like some you-tubers switch from Apple to Androids or the other way around to make a review vid or a challenge. So don’t argue about what phone is the best because they all are. Like u are sad if someone said that the work that u spend hours and hours of doing is bad. So same for the phone, the creators they have to think about what the phone will be look like, how many new features will it have and blah blah blah…U guys just don’t care about how many efforts they have put in their creation u just say it to the whole world and say they are suck. If u don’t like the phone just keep quiet or stick with the phone u like.

  2. David Martrano

    I use the s10plus & that display, well it's in a league of it's own. My FPS works about 75% of the time. It needs a software update. In my opinion all three models are a definite homerun. The best of the best! Per usual a very good review!

  3. dirtrider88

    did you take the factory screen protector off when you put yours on? my s10 will be showing up in a couple days and I already bought a screen protector so it would be nice to know.

  4. kolikoistime

    For one plis you dont shake your finger off from water,S10plus you shake off water,so HOW MUCH DID SAMSUNG PAAAAAAID YOU???

  5. A L

    Guys, did Samsung fix the ghost burning image on their amoled displays? I had this problem with the s7, s8 and s9+, so… i dont know if the s10 will be worth it with that crappy display technology, Im tired of this rip off brands scaming publicity and dealing with customer service every year for this problem.

  6. sangtea rspa

    I still dont know why samsung put that thing in a display.its ugly,if they cant come up with something nice,why not stick to the water drop notch design.they wanted to make a unique design but this makes the phone one of the ugliest phones ever designed.

  7. Karmdeep Singh

    What they need to figure out to do is have the front camera under the screen and turn off the pixels completely where the camera module is when a selfie is needed

  8. Bad_Habit

    I think you should've tried to reprogram your fingerprint after you put the glass screen protector on it…I mean regardless, people have been saying the exact same thing that glass screen protectors stop the fingerprint sensor from working, but still. Reprogramming your fingerprint after installing the glass fingerprint would've showed an absolute answer that it doesn't work

  9. M Oczakow

    The new S10 is BS money grab, Samsung is turning into Apple, and it breaks my heart.

    S10 like S9 has the same problem as all the new idiot flagship phones, i call it the Apple Syndrome, ie. eye-watering expensive.
    Huawei for better or of worse makes the best phones right now, period, u get more tech for less money and u still get a microSD (which is beginning to disappear in a lot of phones, as corporate greed sets in).
    I have a S9 and my older Hyuawei mate is almost better in every way, 2y older with 13MP vs S9s 12, a screen that just as nice but quite a bit brighter, and of course battery life, with 4300m Hyawei destroys anything samsung or apple can offer.

  10. Jacopo Piscina

    the normal mode color profile is really washed out, i was used with the op3t normal profile and it was good but on this samsung i choose the vivid profile too

  11. MR MR

    7:20 There is a setting that lets you change the sensitivity of the finger print sensor when using screen protectors. Everyone's reviews is missing this point.

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