The Honest 11" iPad Pro Review..

The 2018 iPad Pro is leaps and bounds better than any iPad ever made, but can it actually replace a laptop? Honestly, you’re asking the wrong question. Let’s take a look at the 11″ iPad Pro from an honest perspective.

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24 Replies to “The Honest 11" iPad Pro Review..”

  1. Alexander Pieri

    I’m tired of hearing all the time this nonsense‘replacing the laptop’ .. it can’t and that’s it. Macbook and iPad are great for their separate features.

  2. scott S

    Apple restrict EVERYTHING to make more money …….is it clever or just GREED ??? Yeh it’s GREED and they charge a fortune !!!!!

  3. Thisisleslieg

    Personally, I don’t think Apple would make their iPad a laptop replacement. There are millions of people obsessed with their products, it brings them money. I know people who have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, & iMac. Everything Apple. Definitely true, if they wanted too, they would make it exactly as such but not anytime soon.

  4. demonpride1975

    apple over here, you can now charge your apple pencile by connecting it to the ipad. and on this side samsung, eh we will just stick that whole pencil inside the phone.

  5. Wotsma Naym

    0:31By losing little bits off the corners "you feel like it's a modern device" 🤔
    3:29Losing big chunks off the sides makes "shows & movies suddenly so much more immersive" 😲
    7:55"For some… browsing the web, replying to emails and writing word documents is enough" to spend nearly $1000 🙄

  6. Pradeep

    Really great videos.keep it up 👍
    I am thinking to buy an iPad pro 2018 mostly before September. So will you suggest to buy it before September or I should wait. I am getting this for $600.

  7. Omar Al Marai

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  8. Ninja Tokes

    I bought it to record samples of my songs as an artist. Since all the touch ups are done in my studio, it's perfect. The power of the processor is simply awesome.

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