The honest iPhone XS Review..

Apple’s new iPhone XS is as good as it gets but is it good enough? Should you upgrade? Who should actually upgrade? Let’s be honest here..

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42 Replies to “The honest iPhone XS Review..”

  1. Event Horizon

    Coming from an iPhone 7 plus and just bought this. Should be here Saturday. I'm so excited for the OLED and the better camera. Hope I made the right choice

  2. EM-OH-JI

    Hi, regarding with dual sim i know that iPhone is kinda behind with that one because some phone especially fake copy phones from china are already dual sim. But, does it make any difference with iphone?

  3. Rachel Sommers

    ❌ Apple's latest quarter's pricing strategy was to Highly Inflate prices due to Apple's Forecast of Slowing sales ; And to make Customers Pay for their Incompetence .
    ❌ So people should Stop buying Apple Products these couple of months To make sure Apple knows Not to SCAM Consumers this way again in the future

  4. M. S. Rainey

    We are all sheep! We live in corporate America. It doesn’t matter what phone you buy because if you like something you’ll be loyal to a company because you choose to be. Just buy the phone you want and stop crying all the time, damn. It’s pathetic. There are so much more important things going on it the world right now; grow the fuck up.

  5. slushymins

    i’m crying i was watching this too seriously to know more about the iphone xs because i was planning to get one but that “hi stranger ad” in 4:25 at the left side of the screen killed me

  6. Ryan Stephen

    Guys just asking.. I slipped yesterday and got into the sea. Half of my body went under the saltwater of the sea but the problem is my phone is in my pocket so it also dipped into the saltwater. I just wanna ask if my iPhone x will have problem or it will not bc of its water resistant thingy.

  7. Marcusesq

    Why do angry butt hurt fandroids always seem to outnumber Apple fans on Apple vids? Go circle jerk on android vids and stop embarrassing yourselves.

  8. KeymanxPolo

    Having a hard time deciding if its worth upgrading my wife and I’s 7+ to the XS max… both 7s are paid, but man i cant get over that $2500 price tag for both.

  9. James Scot

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