The Huawei Moon Photo Scandal

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39 Replies to “The Huawei Moon Photo Scandal”

  1. Thoughts of a peer

    Creativity is not unique to animals at all. People just scared and say so. Creativity is just trying stuff to see if it works – the very essence of AI. We are doomed folks.

  2. Alen Makota

    Love how you just shited and pissed all over all those people that photograph Moon, and actually care about photography and reality, including me LOL Maaan if you know what it takes to take decent photo and especially on a cold night you would not speak like that but hey you are just another Youtuber and stuff that you Unbox is already been unboxed or will be 1000 times so why do you think that your "Unboxing" is that special 😉 think about it…

  3. jeric cordero

    Hey i worked before from cellphone outlet store, im not a fan of samsung bcoz every two months they produce new units, their phone depreciating a couple of month and i experience memory hang after 4yrs or above, if you want to know about p30 go to their outlet store check it out, i try the camera dont like artificial okay to my 808 camera

  4. Maoh Nano!

    I mean if you want to take a normal moon photo, why not just use the normal mode…. not like I use Huawei or anything.. but a specific mode is to make that specific subject to look great, right? There are different objectives or focus here…

  5. Francais Lover

    What Huawei is doing with their photos is essentially Photoshopping images which is suspicious at best & fraudulent at worst.Seperately,I do wonder if there is any actual proof that Huawei is spying on the U.S. for China’s benefit or if all this trade war stuff is based on racism by whites who want to dominate this country again.All I know is that because of Trump’s trade war I as an American citizen must pay more money for the exact same things I bought before.Companies are not simply eating the cost of Trump’s trade war……they will pass on those costs to consumers.
    This new series by Lew is rather interesting.I do wish that more of the whole video was focused in the subject in the title,though,instead of like 10 minute

  6. WolfgangAmadeusfuk

    If everyone could take a moon photo or any good photo they would, do you know why they don't? because not everyone can. To say that just because people have taken a photo of something a million times that ownership of those photos don't matter? That's stupid

  7. TeaWai

    "shady at best, unethical at worst" ??? We're talking about enhancing photos of the moon, not money laundering LOL
    Anyway how's it any different from beauty apps which also pull data from all the edited and shared photos (so ones people are happy with) to edit and enhance your own photos. It just works better.

  8. Kevin Pedersen

    I wish they had a moon filter for my face so I could look good, having a database of maybe chris hemsworth merging over my face, i'd take that (Y) altho it does have repercussions when I am seen IRL.

  9. Stephen Petersen

    I'm upset that they add features like this to jack up the price tag. I don't want a moon mode, I want a well functioning phone that has good battery life, can double as a calculator, mobile wifi and that is it.

  10. Jorge Custódio

    Oh well… the Chinese have already pictures of everything, so next improvement is to just point to what you want to take a picture of, and the mobile phone will let you choose from a set of the previously taken picture, so you don't have to bother about taking it 🙂

  11. Lexer Ustichkov

    I really am trying get into your podcast channel. For some reason can't make it trough a video I make it to round 10-15 min sometimes less. I do like Unbox Therapy long time sub but this is not for me sorry.

  12. bucwolf

    On one hand, it is an achievement for the AI. On other hand, it is a dangerous path: it might lead to corporate abuse and forgery, when youtake a photo of something and they change it to something else

  13. John Milks

    As a professional photographer, I run into people comparing they're phone shot to my dslr image that took several hours of waiting for light and wind. Photography isn't as easy as pointing a camera at it. See mine at shortshutter. You simply can't get these results with out total control of the camera. I don't even let the camera focus for me.

  14. Kelke van Lessen

    6:15 "imagine like the human version of the moon swapout, they took millions of photos of attractive people and then superimposed those features onto you"
    thats actually what snapchat filters are

  15. Lohsil

    Its not how it works. Theres more info going around right now and u can always take the picture without ai. Why would they use memory to get pre taken photos.

  16. symbian

    Was there definitive proof? The articles I read could not reproduce the results claimed by the conspiracy theorists. Can't they just remove the sim card, switch to airplane mode and take a snapshot of the moon? Then take another one with the sim installed (with data enabled)? It's impossible for the phone to store the alleged data locally.

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