49 Replies to “The Huawei P30 Pro Is The Low Light Camera King And It’s Not Close”

  1. Mohammed Raees

    Yea…I know U Chinese Moron….U Chinese Ugly Nose People's Always supporting ur local,low class Chinese plastics…..but we all know Samsung,iPhone,Sony Devices are more&far betterdan ur Chinese plastics…..

  2. Osama Ellafi

    Yeah but…the night mode on the v40 is not manual..it is actually completely auto you just press night mode icon and wallaa..it gives you a better pic at night soo … I donot know why you thought it is manual…so i think this comparison is not fair for the v40! But overall the winner will always be the p30 pro.

  3. Nidhogg

    So, the huawei P30, is the kind of phone, where you take a pic in pitch black, thinking you re alone, but when you look at the pic, you see a big face looking at you from the darkness? xD

  4. Wazein A.

    Something that people never believe and trust, its sony 3 years ago. ?? Even at this time Sony may say "its okay, we just want to see a future not name."

    Sony "We working on camera that has same level with our mirrorless."

    After 2 years, All smartphone "Smartphone replacing DSLR."

    Sony say again "its okay, we are ninja. They never can see us."

  5. BalthazarTheGreat

    Those photos from the p30 pro look impossible. You cant extrapolate more light from a dark area than what’s physically there. Even the most expensive cinema cameras costing hundreds of thousands of dollars couldn’t pull that much light from those dark spots as well as the p30 pro did, so in short the light must be artificially added in post processing.

  6. Inquisitve m

    While that is cool with the night shots are so bright with the p30, it is just too fake. sometimes you want to take a night shot that is a bit true to life. that shot you took looks like a day time photo.

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