23 Replies to “The iPhone XS Max Is Too Expensive”

  1. Adin Chandra

    Apple : We Introduce Iphone X and Xs Series
    Me : Hey, I really confused with this name

    Me : Hey, Man. I want buy Iphone Xs. How much it
    Apple : About 1000 dollar, Man.
    Me : What??????? Oh My Godddd

    Hey, can you make it cheaper like Android Phone? I'm Budget people, man….

    By The Way, who still watch it in 2020?

  2. MisterBinx

    They went too far with the price. These phone simply don't last long enough to be worth 1000 dollars. Plus the bring out a new model every year. They aren't making big enough jumps to make me want to pay more for a new phone. No one really give a shit about chip speed. The care about better cameras and the look of the phone.

  3. Hoàng Trần Minh

    we have literally reached a point where so many phones are similar to each other either in terms of design or performance that the only way to make your product stand out is to slap on a giant ass price tag.

    for reference, the 2080ti is 200 dollars less than this phone.

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