The KILLER P30 Pro Feature No One is Talking About… | The Tech Chap

The Huawei P30 Pro has loads of great features – including the new QUAD Camera setup with 10x Zoom and Night Mode! But with everyone talking about the camera, has the P30 Pro’s killer feature been forgotten about?
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This video is made in partnership with Huawei.

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38 Replies to “The KILLER P30 Pro Feature No One is Talking About… | The Tech Chap”

  1. supaahflyy

    back about 3-4 years ago every Android user was shitting on iphones for low resolution displays but now we are praising huawei for doing the same thing? Lol
    Forgive me if i think thats a little ironic. Obviously battery life is going to go up if you remove features.

  2. Kaloyan Ivanov

    Please do me a favour as a new subscriber, do a video about the difference of P and Mate series, Wich ones are better, plus and cons… Whatever is your opinion.
    As a Samsung fan I would like to get one Huawei, and I care only for 2 things: ? life and ?
    I still don't get Wich one is better for photography, forget the P30 Pro for the moment, I still see from the p20 pro and the Mate 20 pro, people still like more the p20 pro for photography, and as a older phone I don't get why.

  3. Dave McCann

    I’ve been patient. In fact I’ve been very patient. Ordered on the 26th March and now one day to go, but watching all these great vids isn’t helping. I need to go away and do yoga or something. This feeling reminds me of Christmas Eve as a kid, something I thought could never be replicated. Ughh

  4. Emad Ahmed

    But is it really that much of a substantial advantage over the S10+? After all, the S10+ has phenomenal battery life and super speedy charging as well.

  5. José Henrique

    Killer feature is that notch cause it killed this phone for me, I loved until I saw the notch, I'm skipping cause of that, hate disruption on my screen, all notches are awful and weird

  6. IPF Gaming

    I think that one thing no one is talking about this phone is the new gaming mode where you can use this phone's TOF camera as nintendo Wii for gaming. That feature is revolutionary for me and it will definitely change the mobile gaming in future.

  7. Lucian BUJOR

    P30PRO comes with bonus Chinese Gouvernement backdoor! P30PRO and any laptop, phone, iphone, router, server made in China, under Chinese laws, has backdoor built it, therefor anything is condemned. Avoid! Because of this, Lenovo will produce Thinkpad in Japan; Blackberry Key2 is made in India also because of this.

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