The LG G7 has a Big Problem.

The LG G7 has a release date of May 2nd. It’s specs are coming soon too, but first – the LG G7 has a very big problem…

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28 Replies to “The LG G7 has a Big Problem.”

  1. Nini N

    I've had this phone. It's great! I owned Samsung's for many yrs. I thought to try something else. This is great notch or not. Easy to make the phone your own.

  2. Andrew Joseph

    I own my g7 and let me tell you…. The samsung line is in serious trouble. This g7 is a monster with absolutely nothing wrong amd no issues. I think they did very well from where they were before

  3. Visonil Hendric

    I also hate the notch, but all the other complaints are brain dead. This is the best phone for audiophiles and AI is going to become an important thing even if it isn't like this on launch.

  4. Kong Lee

    Got the LG G7 ThinQ not too long ago and I hate it. Battery is trash. My old $150 phone battery is 3x better. Camera is not good as it seems (I waa told the camera was "amazing"). The volume is not good either . I have to have volume at least at 60% to hear anything decently, and the phone has strong vibration when outputting sound (for the so called speaker effect which isn't useful). Not worth the price I pay for. Am I willing to keep a phone for 3-4 years and have to charge it 3-4x a day, or have it on battery saving mode? Nope

  5. khl7r

    Not really big issue. I like mine so far. LG is a quality company and i can get their phones at better price than samsung phones

  6. shorty48shorty

    I'm sitting here trying to comment after watching this and I'm speechless… this is probably the most ridiculous phone review, I mean I feel like I'm in kindergarten and your throwing rocks at nothing claiming it to be a monster problem.I think user experience is very important. I'm in shock that you want new features on every device whether or not they work that's like putting all your money into a car that may or may not get you to work the first week you own it, let alone a year later…. But hey I'll stand back and watch you make childish claims about stupid shit that clearly people don't give a crap about.

  7. Mevine Ven

    This is a paid actor to show bad figure for kg and remark how he compaired with a Samsung Galaxy when he could compaired it with others one so this fucking is doing critics for his advertising for Samsung mobile and i used and still but not a single problems actually it is more advanced and cheaper than samsung s9 than i was expected thats why he is pouring gas in this fucking video

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