The Most Overlooked Features on the LG G7 ThinQ

Today we take a look at a quick unboxing and some overlooked features on the LG G7! Real Day in the Life is coming soon!

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43 Replies to “The Most Overlooked Features on the LG G7 ThinQ”

  1. Abhijit Joshi

    I bought an lg g2. I rocked for 3 years and till date nothing came close to that phone. Planning to buy the g7 even in 2019, cause yeah itโ€™s Got a quad dac.

  2. MrRock NRoll

    My last 3 phones have been LG. I discovered by accident that the G7 is setup for wireless charging for ALL G7s (the Canadian release of the G6 did not have wireless charging) I think they should have been more proactive in mentioning wireless charging in the ads for the G7

  3. Nini N

    Hello there..I'm wondering about the camera. Is it capable of taking burst shots.. multiple photos. If so where can I find this on the phone settings! I love this phone. Miss my Samsung but you have to try other things out. Other than that this phone is seriously user friendly. Really easy..well except the camera. Lol!

  4. Tommy Gun

    When I'm in LTE-Advanced erea I don't see the 4G+ symbol, I only got 4G. But my Sony XZ3 the symbol automatically show. Why it's not showing?


    I switched to a G7 from a samsung S5. A few things I don't like about this G7. The camers SUCKS! Zooming into a photo and it gets so grainy it looks as if the watermark filter is being used. It's slow to react to taking a photo once the button is pressed and the bluetooth managment isn't that good. The hotspot doesn't allow my blu-ray player or my laptop to connect. Allow all is selected but it doesn't even show up and discoverable unless it's another device like a phone or tablet. Some of the call management is also undesirable. All in all it's an OK phone since I got a bogo but to pay full price I would go with something else.

  6. Jeff Gomske

    I had the G3 once upon a time, but since then, I've strictly had the S6+, S7 Edge and S8+…I decided to take a gamble and see what the G7 had to offer. I am pretty amazed at what it can do and I am very thrilled with getting used to using it full-time. Great underrated device.

  7. Humble_B

    GET IT!! I am not a techie, and very hard to please. However, I was so impressed with the loads of options; which I have not even came close to unlocking. So glad I took the overlooked road of LG- 'cause Apple, and Samsung has a loyal following. I must say since my first LG3, I realized the possibilities LG's capabilities. [And] I was correct!! This "Q" is it, and more.

  8. Mark Schwacofer

    One feature I didn't know it had is if you pull down the notification bar next to the bluetooth icon there is a notification that tells you how much battery your bluetooth headphones have left. This is nice for those headphones that don't have apps.

  9. shawn cypret

    The g6 had a bigger battery with a display that didn't get as bright so it will be taxing on the battery. I mean it's nice but I think it's b.s. what LG did I'm still gonna get one someday and I really like the wide angle camera

  10. Ty

    LG is a good phone if they can fix the quality of their product and their customer service. Every single LG product I have has ended up in the trash. I have a LG Smart TV that all the input component fall off – still laying in my basement, I currently have a LG G3 and G4 in by drawer right now that don't work anymore, bought the LG home theater which didn't work thankfully I found out during setup and replaced with a samsung. Mean while my samsung plasma tv and samsung phones are still on going and I have even gone through multiple. LG has potential but quality is just not there.

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