The Most UNDERRATED Android Phone of 2018 [LG V40 ThinQ Review]

The LG V40 ThinQ just got a $250 discount. So is this now the most UNDERRATED Android flagship of 2018? More @

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31 Replies to “The Most UNDERRATED Android Phone of 2018 [LG V40 ThinQ Review]”

  1. JROD

    I have 2 of these brand new unlocked. Awesome device.

    Best buy online still has the V40 brand new unlocked for $350. don't miss out.

  2. Kevin Whiting

    I still have my v40 got it 3 months after it came out for half price it's been absolutely amazing the Quad HD is basically a higher resolution than any phone coming out today except the ultra and the Sony Xperia these phones are criminally underrated

  3. BrianNC81

    2020 – just bought this phone for $349 new and unlocked from Best Buy. Does everything I need it to do (I'm not spending $1000 for a phone). The headphone jack is excellent.

  4. Kevin Whiting

    This phone has gotten markedly better since I purchased it in February all the updates and now it's on pie life is good not one problem since I bought the phone


    I just love the bokeh, the lens flare and the translucent and the cinematic soft film look texture it produced. The s10, nokia s9 and iphone xs cannot produced. The V40 produced such professional image.

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