The New Google Pixel Has Completely Leaked…

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Are you going to pick up the latest Google Pixel this summer?

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43 Replies to “The New Google Pixel Has Completely Leaked…”

  1. David Martrano

    I would chose the 4a over the 🍎 SE and Nord. The price & that 📷. 🌃 night sight that actually competes with the top 🐕 ies? What's a good word to use for this 4a, NO BRAINER?

  2. Scubooty

    Yes, I do think I'll get it. They say 6 Ram…128gb storage (yes, lawd) …..730G chip….Headphone jack….No ugly Rihanna forehead……

  3. Illicity

    Doesn't seem right. For years phones were getting better and better due to the competition between companies, and in recent times they have all just kinda stagnated and every year each company releases a phone that is negligibly better than their last. And now you're telling me that due to the pandemic Google is going to start going backwards, and lower the build quality of their phones so that they can meet a price point that "fits" with the current economy? Imagine if they all start downgrading their phones to be more affordable, and then once the economy picks back up, they get to re-release the same technology they were selling before the pandemic started.

    Releasing a phone for $350 only matters to people who buy phones outright. Yeah I know you feel like a badass spending nearly a grand on a phone when it comes out, but if you are trying to save money because you have been impacted by the virus that is a ridiculous thing to do, and the solution is not to buy a cheaply made phone. I have a Pixel 4 XL and I currently pay $22/month for it on a 24 month contract. Not only is that already affordable, but in the long run it comes out to $528 for a (currently) $800 phone. But it gets better, after 12 months ($264) I can simply upgrade to the Pixel 5 which will almost definitely be out around that time, and get a similar contract for it. This is much better than spending $800 on my P4XL and ~$1,000 on the P5 when it comes out, and most definitely better than settling for a $350 phone that will likely have the same features as a Note 8, and be made out of plastic. I feel like a lot of people feel the need to flex by buying the phone outright, even if they can barely afford it.

  4. Eenam98

    Me watching this on my Pixel 4XL and just shaking my head 😅
    I feel like I'm about to have a little brother that everyone will keep talking about even though he's not really all that because I know him better than anyone. 😂

  5. 1solojc

    Why do you morons always show nice blue colors for upcoming Pixel Phones when you know Google isn't gonna give us these nice colors you morons just set the consumer up for disappointment

  6. Elliott Nacey

    I only got my Pixel 4 back in April and already I'm tempted to sell it for a 4a.

    (Granted, I got my Pixel at half the RRP through work, so it may sound silly to swap, but the battery is just shocking)

  7. Akhil Dev

    I wish it had a bigger battery. And I hope it has at least 6GB RAM.
    Single Camera is fine. A 90Hz refresh rate would be great.
    Since OnePlus Nord has 765G, 730 seems a bit odd. But let's hope for the best.

  8. Rishav Gaurav

    In my opinion its way better than apple's i phone se. SE carries small battery with heavy processor so basically you wont be using processor that much because it will cause battery drain. Thats the biggest problem with one of my friend who got SE . Camera is stunning and it even got me thinking do we even need 64 mp camera or 108 mp camera may be decent 12mp camera can do the trick. I think with 720g and decent battery it can cross a day which is good. And at all it is a pixel device it will have better software than other chinese brands available at this price point. Google took one step ahead of apple in this one probably(if ofcourse all turns out true)

  9. bullet fumes

    Well wow so Google finally does a hole punch well finally I can pull out my Google pixel 4a and say u see that Google knows how to do the hole punch too no more forehead

  10. pirh zapusti

    I loved my Nexus 5X and I feel like this will be a throwback to that… But my OnePlus 6T has spoiled me with a Snapdragon 845 and 8GB of RAM. The camera is the biggest downside to this phone, it is at times abysmal (panoramas especially). Might just wait for the Pixel 5 at this point.

  11. ZUMZUL

    Au buraz ala si smorio, bokte jebo.Vrti-pričaj, vrti, ponovo, ajde, opet, vrti, ajde … O JEBOTE, toliko smora oko jebenog govneta koje nema ni ultra-wide kameru. 🙁

  12. E V

    Been in the pixel family since the 1st Gen but I stopped at 2XL because the 3,3a, and 4th Gen pixels were either too ugly or a total flop for me. With this new 4a they literally got almost everything I want and need in a pixel device with an exception to the front facing stereo speakers. Def putting in my order day 1 of release!!

  13. Alchemist-A

    What about internal storage? And why just 4 GB of RAM? Refresh rate? Brightness?
    I don't mind a lower level processor or the plastic, but the low RAM?

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