The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction

Apple shows off the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 for 2020. That said, it appears the new Magic Keyboard accessory has captured more attention.

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49 Replies to “The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction”

  1. JaySean Ochia

    Wow I heard LIDAR CAMERA THAT WAS SOO AWESOME MEN, THE LIDAR WAS FIRST USE IN THE OUTERSPACE ON MOON BASE ON MY RESEACRH… WOOOH… A12 BIONIC CHIP WOOOH… have u said the awesome this is keyboard…. when I heard an apple its always surprise us

  2. WooferJr

    They want you to think you should buy a iPad pro and think you can replace your computer. But then you will realize that your iPad pro can't do everything your computer can so you will send an additional $1k for a MacBook pro.

  3. Chrystian de Leon

    Whenever it comes to an apple product you just repeat “they say that”. But you never put it to test, whenever it comes to a product to which you have “affinity” (get money), you claim without testing. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Camsters_Cool

    If I had to get a computer in the apple ecosystem I would have to get the new iPad Pro because I’ve never liked macOS I’ve always liked windows but I like iOS so computer with iOS would be interesting

  5. ChrisTopher

    They probably assume using the device in your lap would be done so in tablet mode. I just ordered the 12.9 iPad and the magic board with pencil and I can’t wait to get it. My 2019 Mac book pro might not see much of me from what I predict. This is probably the most excited I’ve been about an Apple product line up, ever.

  6. Debbie

    Would you recommend this, 2018 iPad pro or a MacBook for a student (medic)? I want to know if it’ll be as effective as having a laptop for a student?

  7. Tim Casey

    All 4th generation I pad pro(s) have 6gb of RAM whereas the previous generation only had 6gb of RAM in 1 tb version – looks like Apple were messing with you:) btw I have just got a gen 4 12.9 I pad pro and I went for the mobile version with 256gb of RAM – I thought long and hard about it and couldn't see the point in having bigger storage….Have I missed something really obvious that justifies either the 512gb 1tb? I would be super grateful to anyone who replies to my question please, thanks – Tim

  8. Marc Ortiz

    Idk if I can trust you being that we almost bought that Escobar galaxy phone cuz you made it seem like a great deal. Not sure if your my tech guy for Apple products moving forward. I need to be able to trust.

  9. Raymond Wiik

    Just ordered a new 11in with magic keyboard and pencil.

    I'm commenting from a Windows machine. Right now I am typing from a Lenovo Miix 510. It is barely a laptop; imagine a Microsoft Surface made by Lenovo. As a photographer, I can wirelessly edit/import any photo I've taken to the cloud using the iPad Pro from anywhere with cell service.

    I ordered the complete iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil for my start up photography business. They're marketing the new iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, and I was sold.

  10. Topu

    If the tablet is a laptop, why not call it a laptop? xD

    The iPad Pro has an impressive display with a faster chip and better cameras 😉

    Other than that, it's not really a big upgrade 🙁

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