The NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

My review of this thing new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. 120 Hz Display, Snapdragon 865+, Wireless Dex, 5G Support. It’s ripe.

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38 Replies to “The NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+”

  1. Carolina M.A.R.

    I was regretting my purchase (Apple device) while watching this video but with the last thing you said I’m happy again lol. If my device is gonna last twice as long then that’s enough to make me happy.

  2. Samuel Manny

    Apple support is getting longer and longer though. iPad OS and apps in iPad combined is far superior than a tablet that try so hard to act like a phone or laptop…120hz oled display has many problems that are still being solved like poor white balance, lower resolution, fast battery drain and fast color degradation. Color accuracy is everything. Oled panels of iPhones are made by Samsung lkke different cooks and cooking processes but same ingredients color accuracy and near black handling tells the quality of OLED display even if same panels.
    Same with Sony monitors with LCD vs same LCD panel in poor color accuracy cheap LCD TVs

    Even iPhone's 720LCD is not same to 1080p LCD in android phones due to processor even if same panels.

  3. Jj W

    Samsung quality has been going down, my last 2 Samsung tablets have died while my iPad is still thriving. I just wish they had the longevity of iPads.

  4. Obscure Media

    ONLY problem w/the S7 is the software. Android doesn't have Affinity, has no definitive video editing app, Android's hardware ecosystem is so big that tons of apps aren't optimized for everything when on iOS they're guaranteed to work. That being said the S7 is a better value with the pen, microSD, price etc. its one of the only android tablets doing anything right and wish more manufacturers and consumers would adopt high end tablets for Android so it could have more support for pro software

  5. Paul Sisk

    The Galaxy Tab s7+…I so wanted to love this device and completely disconnect from the Apple ecosystem. I have a last gen iPad pro 12.9 with the magic keyboard. I was hoping, dare I say, praying, that when the S7+ came out it would be, in fact, the iPad Pro killer people were speaking of. After using both for about a month now I can honestly say, coming from an Android fan with a Sammy Note phone, it doesn't come close to the refinement of the iPad Pro. I was hoping it would be close but between the apps that just don't play right on the tablet, the 16:10 screen size screwing up anything useful you would work on like a spreadsheet, to the flimzy 229 dollar bookcover keyboard, I have to say it falls short for an 849 dollar tablet with a 229 dollar keyboard. Granted I hate the fact that Apple charges so much for the keyboard and more for the iPad Pro but, if we are looking at these 2 side by side and comparing honestly, it just isn't in the same ballpark as Apple. Sorry Sammy.

    PLEASE someone make an iPad pro killer with Android that works. Here are some key pointers to anyone listening:
    1. If you are going to compete against a giant 12.9" 16:9 screen, MAKE YOURS 12.9", not 12.4", with the same aspect ratio.
    2. Please work on the App ecosystem so the apps are more refined and work better when they are installed on a tablet. This is so ridiculously frustrating.
    3. Nobody but a few crazy tech people care that the screen is 120Hz instead of 60 or 90.
    4. The S-Pen needs to be held with a stronger magnet.
    5. Dex has the potential to be a game changer…on the right device (see #1 above). Maybe version 3 (or 4?) will hit the mark. Too few apps work with the windowing, imo, with the narrow vertical height of the screen, it's almost pointless to have multiple windows open.
    6. The Bookcover Keyboard….man, I was crazy excited when I heard about this. When I got it (2 weeks on backorder after ordering it with the tablet) I was immediately concerned that the cover (the keyboard side) did not sit right on the screen and left the entire top 1/4" of the screen exposed. this was due to the flimzy design of the lower "hinge". I assume, due to the fact that it did not close automatically to the top that the magnets holding it there did not operate good. After closing the keyboard side to this "not quite closed" position you have to manually force it up to close entirely; entirely unacceptable for a 229 dollar cover. Also in regard to the cover, I don't see the kickstand lasting for very long. It bends as you open it and I suspect within a year of use it willloosen at the hinge to the point it will either not close well or just fall open. Lastly, the magnets holding the keyboard to the tablet could be stronger.

    So, overall, not happy at all with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ with its bookcover keyboard. Hopefully the 8 or 9 or 10 will have gotten a bit more refinement to be a worthy adversary to the venerable iPad Pro.

    Thanks for reading.

  6. Lam Yip Ming

    YES finally someone said it. I really hate Samsung for their software support. Like after just one year your device will be outdated and they act like we don't recognize this device we didn't sell this thing it's your problem. 🙄

  7. Sir Neko

    It’s cool android users have a bad ass tablet now. I have the iPad Pro. I mainly consume media on it. It’s just my big at home iPhone. I like to think I will draw on it sometime.

  8. imtiyaz ashraf

    What is the note taking experience on Samsung s7 plus compared to ipad pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch… I mean leaving price aside…. If you write on two tablets ipad pro and s7 plus without knowing their price… Which one will you prefer? Only if note taking and pen or pencil feel and experience is concerned. In shor please rate the overall note taking experience and feel and compatibility when it comes to note taking irrespective of price of tablets. You can also gibe rating from 5. Please reply And please rate apple pencil and s pen?

  9. RK

    Hi Bro good one. I am using Tab S7+ for the past 1 month, felt great, But lately I started to feel little heating issue on the screen (to be specific near the keyboard connecting area) I don't know how many are facing this issue. Spoke to Samsung service but not that helpful. Guys, any one have his issue ? If so please share . Overall I like this Tab , If the heating is not there.. its a perfect TAB for all .

  10. grown kid

    Now i get it, the only reason why Samsung is performing better with their sales is simply because of their little scam strategy of keeping software updates limited to only 2 years, so that users are forced to buy a new product every 2 year. Imma switch to Apple

  11. Rommel the Cat

    Great Sammie Tab h/w as usual but it still can't make up for the pure garbage that most Android tab apps are compared to iPad apps. There's a reason Google abandoned the Android tab market.

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