The new Sony Xperia lineup is really tall

The Sony Xperia 1 literally stands out from the crowd — literally — with a super tall screen. Sony is relaunching its Xperia line of phones at MWC 2019, with a focus on making its phone with tall, 21:9 aspect ratio displays.

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40 Replies to “The new Sony Xperia lineup is really tall”

  1. brock the beast

    Samsung and huawei : lets add innovative features like reverse charging and amazing display.
    Nokia: lets add 5 rear cameras
    Song: lets make it longer
    Apple:lets make it pricier

  2. ali bashir

    Misleading, especially the thumb nail, the iPhone x is almost a compact phone and the Xperia 10 plus is probably the biggest phablte.
    Plus too many Samsung, Apple, Huawei…. Fans in the comments.

  3. Straightcherry D.

    I like the overall design direction, I'm rather tired of curved design where everything seems to get spherical. The tall screen is interesting, seems to be designed with split screen in mind which I like.

  4. Ry

    I don't know anyone who's had a Sony phone. Not now, not ever. And I don't see them out in public either. Who is buying these things and why does Sony keep making them? I'm genuinely curious.

  5. Rain man

    Samsung had AMOLED (OLED) HDR 4k display on 2018 models S9 and Note 9. What is unique about Sony display except the aspect ratio. It's a bad aspect ratio, most of the videos you'll have to sacrifice more content if you crop and more black bars if you don't crop.
    Even with one handed mode it looks really to reach the status bar.
    Sony is learning from HTC's book – how to kill your smartphone lineup

  6. racoonzattack

    First thought: “WTF Sony!?”
    Second thought: “Hmm… instead of shrinking the bezels just make the screen larger for more content? Interesting.”
    Still it looks awkward.

  7. jaffar1234

    Sony doesn't care about the bezel less phones and notches nonsense because we as customers didn't complain about the bezel to force the mobile companies to invent stupid ideas to get rid of it

  8. Nuno Fernandes

    No one's talking about the useless 4k resolution?
    Is it just to say that it can show pixels that no one can see and then everyone will reduce the resolution because it drains the battery faster and makes the phone less fast?

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