The Phone With A Periscope: Huawei P30 Pro Hands-On

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It was three years ago that Huawei and its partner Leica Camera promised a “renaissance in mobile photography” … to which I remember reacting with a shrug and an eye-roll. But I had to eat crow when Huawei released last year’s P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro, smartphones with cameras so good they stayed in my pocket long after my reviews went up. Today, I’m in Paris to see the sequel to those smartphones officially announced … and if it lives up to its promises, it could be the best camera phone of 2019. Join me for a first look at the Huawei P30 Pro!



MrMobile’s Huawei P30 Pro Hands-On was produced following two hours with Huawei P30 Pro review devices in New York City, NY and Paris, France. Preproduction devices running prerelease software.

DISCLOSURE: Huawei provided travel and lodging for the Paris segment of the P30 Pro launch to some members of the media, including MrMobile. No additional compensation was sought or furnished.


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20 Replies to “The Phone With A Periscope: Huawei P30 Pro Hands-On”

  1. Lüvv Sürya

    After having a terrible experience with Honor 8 Pro, I’m not buying a single stuff that HUAWEI is selling, especially the EMUI which is a complete failure to hold the performance when under heavy load. My honor 8 Pro has still not done a year and has started to lag and unresponsive to touch when multitasking. I can’t imagine my honor 8 Pro to be butter smooth when a heavy game running in the background, considering the fact it is packed with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal.

  2. Avi FiBe

    For YEARS almost every review of these phones (mainly from Chinese companies) mentions how terrible the UI is.
    Nothing is improved tho.

  3. oatikodi

    Enjoyable review as always.
    Does that nanoSD card slot you mention mean that regular microSD memory cards won’t fit?
    Also, how’s the audio quality? (wired, wireless, speaker)?

  4. Paul Z

    Got my Huawei P30 3 days ago in EU and noticed one suspicious behavior on the idle phone, even when I'm quite far, and there are no moving objects near the phone – it would display the fingerprint icon on the black, idle screen (rendomly at a time interval of approx 30-40 sec). While it is not a big deal, I am wondering if anyone else encountered this? It happens regardless of the phone cover (I have a standard, original huawei silicone car one but I tested it without the cover as well). I have also disabled face recognition and all functions related to it without any effect. The phone is great – it's just this thing that makes me wonder if the screen is not too sensitive, and how to disable that icon

  5. Jackson P

    Hey Micheal.. heard that you've lost a bag including valuable during the visit to Paris for the launch…Hope everything is fine now… praying for the best for you always..all the best mate as you are most favorite…

  6. Nolin Chitnis

    I have one question for the low light capabilities of this phone. It's great to have a camera or a photographic tool that captures great images in the dark. But the essence of photography is capturing essentially what the human eye sees. I mean if we go out camping by a bonfire or on a night time tour of any city, we need something that can capture in a frame any beautiful sight we see. So others can share the exact experience to some extent. What is the point in having pictures that make night look like day and that do not reflect the reality?

  7. LA Clippers

    Only time I ever disagreed with Mike is with the LG G5. It's still my favorite smartphone ever. Other OEMs are now copying the G5's wide-angle cam from three years ago.

  8. Tim Rogers

    I’m a big fan of your stylish and well produced videos Mr M. Well done. But I am worried about Huawei – as is your Govt and many others. I realise you might flinch from getting into anything that approaches politics but have you thought of addressing the security issue about Huawei in a video?

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