The Phones Show 349 (Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs S9+)

Thoughts on the Note 9 after a few updates, relative to the Galaxy S9+ – is it worth the extra cash?

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  1. Arjun Menon

    I am proud that I know Steve right from the days of the good old Nokia mid 2000s days. Have been a fan of him since. I remember back then it was called the Smartphones Show. The 3 things Steve used to love was Xenon Flash, Psion Handhelds and of course Nokia. Love you Steve. You are my favorite tech reviewer and my mobile guru.

  2. David Green

    Good one Steve! "Bucket" » LOL
    I do like the S-Pen, and if I was in the market, it would be a strong candidate; but I have grown weary of mega-slab phones and am really happy with my compact (pocket-sized) phone.

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