The Phones Show 360 (iOS vs Android, Apple vs Google)

My ten point verdict on the iPhone’s OS and interface versus Google’s Android – can I pick a winner overall?

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  1. David Green

    One could call it a 'pashion', but for me, the widget rules. I've been using them since my Palm OS days, iOS doesn't come close, and I have no intention of changing now. So I'll be sticking to Android.

  2. Dániel GERGELY

    Started with Android,changed in 2014 to Windows Phone 8.1 respectively W10, tried an iPhone from October 2018…and last week returned to Windows mobile on Lumia 1520 hacked for FCU. The phone is so smooth with it like never before,seens better than a Lumia 950. Guys,it is like to breath a fresh air after various limitations on ios. The UI in WP is so intuitive,elegant and logical…my phone behaves finally as a drive after connected to PC…I can let play Youtube audio in background when multitasking, even MyTube is a better experience for me as the original YouTube app. As not a heavy user, I dont feel the app gap even in 2019, missing only my bank app. I am so tired from forcing to leave this unappreciated platform. May be we it will be a must in the future,but now it fulfils my everyday needs and I am happy with it.

  3. Samuel Ventimiglia

    Ah, the age old iOS vs Android discussion. Honestly, I have used both and was a longtime Windows Phone user before mostly using Android. Both have merits and current iPhones and Android devices are top notch. Most of my family uses iPhones but I'm on Android. There are a few pain points but it's easily worked around.

  4. Frank Niethardt

    Nice to see that Windows Phone / 10 Mobile would have won some of the comparisons if it was still around. iOS wins mostly because of the Apple Store and I guess that's a bit unfair… 😉
    And yes there is a lot of variety for Android phones, but try to get a pocketable phone with all the good stuff inside, about the size of a Lumia 1020… If the Sony phones had a better camera, maybe their compact line…

  5. malekinception

    Google apps plus iOS are the best combination. I find iOS to be more polished, fluid and responsive compared to android. My pixel 3 gets used here and there but not as much as my iPhone .

  6. cath evans

    Very good. I alternate between Apple and Android devices, hate the notch and absence of headphone jack on the one, but miss iMessage on the other. I prefer built in storage – formatting issues, no thanks. On a Note 9 at the moment but looking to September for the new iPhone line up…but unless they make some changes that a lot of people want….I won't hold my breath.

  7. marksapollo

    Good video, although I think Apple has better hardware as you know what your getting and the iPhone is well made. The plethora of Android phones out there can’t guarantee the same. Here in the UK stores you’ll usually only find well built Android handsets however.

  8. Mark Finlay

    Oh Steve, you'll just get people telling you that you are wrong. I was please that you had iOS as the winner though as that should reduce some of the whingeing.

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