The Pixel 4a Really Gets Me Going…

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This is the new Google Pixel 4a Google’s budget $349 Pixel.

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35 Replies to “The Pixel 4a Really Gets Me Going…”

  1. Thomas Painter

    I’d rather have a plastic back anyways, feels better. I haven’t seen the back of my glass iPhone in 3 yrs so who cares? I can’t take it out of the case because it’ll immediately get broke. If you break a $349 phone then screw it

  2. Petra

    I'm upgrading to the 4a from a nexus 5x as part of the google fi network. They're offering the 4s for $15/mo with protection, 3 years of updates and the option to upgrade after 2 years, and you can keep the 4s. The sims automatically connect to whatever network is available even if international, the data plan is set to whatever your real world usage is, and uses wifi calling wherever that's available but a network is not.

    for anyone as value oriented as myself, this really seems like a no brainer. If it's equality as reliable as my clunker nexus 5 then I can continue to ignore the entirety of the cell phone industry for another half decade while enjoying all of its fruits. Truly an 'it just works' device.

  3. Sgt Breacher93

    You know what's sad? This phone is $349 in Canada, US, and so on…but in Romania…it's around $500 or more…and our salaries are like less than half of what you get there…i never understood this..w/e. Have a nice day !

  4. Justin Wilson

    I did the $9 a month subscription to purchase the pixel 4 a. I was very excited just got it today and I got a defective unit the volume up button did not work. So now I have to wait to send it back and wait for them to send me another one

  5. Emmo Proton GTS

    i own google pixel 4a its crapola of a phone i charged battery fron 15 % twice in same day and battery died b4 10pm does bpt last and lags alot and cheapn feeling plus the phone camera just terrible im stuck with it till contract up..ill never go with google phones ever again ..should of stayed with huawei that was great phone

  6. AndreasTube

    Im considering getting one, but i had a pixel 2 before, and the usb-c port was really bad, every cable was loose, is the usb-c port on the 4a ok?

  7. Groot

    Good deal, I got it for 327 with tax and all a while back and deal is still going on at best buy, may only be for at certain locations tho. The case from description ain't bad either, it'll help if you drop it but for more protection I'd get a better case with a screen protector but I'm not big on cases so it's fine and feels nice.

  8. kupsu

    Got It since Yesterday. My First Android Smartphone. It was so easy to Switch fromm iPhone to this device. No Bug Deal. This Thing ist Just a bang für the Buck. Was Lucky to get one.

  9. Hunter Osborne

    Anyone who has this phone do you recommend it. Considering ditching my iPhone 8 this Christmas and this phone looks pretty good. I went to Best Buy to look at and the only thing I don’t like about it is that the display is pretty sub par

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