The Problem With The Galaxy Note 9.

The Note 9 is a terrific phone. You probably shouldn’t buy one.
Our original Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review:
The $300 Pocophone F1:


34 Replies to “The Problem With The Galaxy Note 9.”

  1. Austin Evans

    Real talk, do you think it's ok for the Note 9 to release six months later with so few upgrades over the S9? Or do I just need to embrace the S Pen in my life and stop complaining?

  2. malicalik 13

    Apparently a lot of people find this stupid but I think he has his points. Note 4 for example had a better processor than the s5, but now note 9 and s9 have the same processor. Note 9 overall as a package is a great phone, but you can't justify the purchase over an s9 unless you are an absolute s pen addict.


    You seem really passionate about this but you're dead wrong lol. The note 9 was far and away the best phone of 2018 in a lot of ways. Some would argue the s pen functionality is worth the extra 200 for starters. Also as we sit here in late March 2019 I've seen countless reviews making the argument the note 9 is better than the s10. So with all that being said and considering the current going rate of a note 9 I think it's well worth it especially when compared to say a iPhone xs or even a new iPhone xr

  4. Yara

    and we're not gonna talk about how the iPhone 6 and 7 are the exact same thing. We ain't gon talk about that stupid notch. XS Max is bullsh*t, sorry. Samsung is able to cram a whole pen into their phones while Apple is in the corner removing features one by one. They act like glass backs are innovative even though it's, like, over 3 years old. And about the Note 9, DeX? RAM? Superior camera? Storage? I'll choose the Note 9 over the iPhone X any day, the iPhone is pricy for no good reason imo. You kinda sound like an Apple fanboy my dude.

  5. Papapau

    It's just an s9 plus with an spen. The ignorance, haha! And he's wondering why so many haters and dislikes. Cause it's how you showcase your ignorance.

  6. Ashy US

    Ok I'm just watching the video after 6 months.

    It's as simple as it sounds.
    Need an S Pen? Wait and get the Note.
    Cool with the candybar? Go, get yourself the new S device.

    That's it. Actually, that is just me.

  7. Zack

    I like when tech reviewers criticize products that addresses real worthy cons of such tech. This however, it's just poor. Poorly researched, poor effort. Kind of disappointed, you usually post good content. It feels like you saw that nobody really had anything negative to say so you thought you could make a quick buck for the views. Very cheap man, very cheap of you.

  8. LeyVlogs

    A lot of people fightin over which phone is the best.
    Men Sshit to S9 came up and i got none of those shit Iphone shit to iphone X and still did not get any of those shit,
    and college life came and my mom and dad decided to give me a phone guess what they got me? A fucking Myphone keypad shit
    so ya'll better be happy of your touch screen phones coz im not happy with mine.

  9. Ali Fotoohi

    With all due respect, I think you should look into what the S Pen can do first before jumping the gun. The bluetooth clicking for the camera makes up for it. I mean, which other phone is out there that can do that? Name one.

  10. Fadi Ninja

    Oh yeah don't get the note it's just an s9 plus with an spen like honestly I buy the note to use the spen because that's what it's meant for mostly but to say that it's just $200 more for just the spen pissed me off like first of all atleast it Comes with an spen unlike some company and it has 4000MAH,more storage,and a larger diplay!what more do you want from six months I don't see apple innovating the xs max from the x and they still charge an unreal price for it alright I'm done ranting.

  11. Chicken Dinner Gamer

    When you're so rich and an apple fanboy that you say the Note 9 sucks before really comparing the price, the value you get, and the stuff you lost and get in return when you compare the Note 9 and the iPhone X/Xs and Xs Max.

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