The problem with the iPhone XS Max: An honest review

I’ve got a few bones to pick with the iPhone XS Max, but even so, there’s just something about iOS 12…

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17 Replies to “The problem with the iPhone XS Max: An honest review”

  1. Damien Wilde

    To anyway who wants to comment saying "Android Fanboy!" or "if you want customisation then stick with Android!", don't tell me you wouldn't simply want to be able to move icons around without needing to jailbreak?

    I don't want iOS with widgets on the home screen, just a few little areas that could make this big phone a little less rigid.

    Enjoy the video 🤙

  2. Abdelsalam D

    The camera on note 9 better than the camera on the iPhone xs max really?? I think all tech youtubers said the only camera is better than the iPhone xs is Google pixel 3

  3. Matthew Norzan

    I was an android user for 5 years straight. I made the leap this year with the XS. And it's great. I think any Android user will love it equally. I think the only thing I disagreed was the price. But you get what you paid for.

  4. Yulia Mel4

    Why didn’t you say anything about a front camera? When I look at myself through the front camera I look like a blurry something. After taking a picture it looks okay in a gallery, but not the best. And videos taken with the front camera look like SHIT! Flurry crap. Sorry for my language. iPhone XS makes good pictures and videos only in a sunny weather.
    If you decide to take a selfie inside at dim lights you gonna look like a wax person at Madame Tussauds Museum. Could use iPhone XS for just 2 days and gave up. Paying 1400$ for blurry selfies and videos is too much.

  5. Lover Of Tech

    Killed it with the visuals bro and also digging the background music. Xs Max should have been out last year as the X Max or X Plus. It’s a solid device but price is much even for an exclusive iOS experience. 💯

  6. Dave West Media

    Nice job mate, lovely visuals and a balanced review which I totally agree with.

    I really enjoyed the camera and video experience, but then I have a OnePlus 3T – who am I to say? 😂😂

    Keep up the good work fella 👍

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