The Problem with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is an amazing smartphone, but it has one problem that needs to be addressed….
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37 Replies to “The Problem with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus”

  1. Noneya Noneya

    Chatted with samsung rep. My samsung s10 plus is rebooting! I believe it's hardware I have not set up the cell. the camera updated! No wifi. No sim
    It just reboots.

  2. L O

    SOLUTION TO SIGNAL PROBLEM (I have T-mobile 4g LTE): dial *#2263# and select CLEAR ALL BANDS .. then go to LTE Band Preference and [NEXT PAGE] then select LTE B71 .. go back and APPLY BAND CONFIGURATION … that is what personally worked for me and took me forever to figure out .. if that doesn't work for you then clear all bands and only select 1 band at a time and literally go thru all of them to see which has the best signal .. if you want to go back to original settings then just select all bands and apply configuration .. good luck to you all <3

  3. John Roger Bell

    My in screen fingerprint reader is the worst one I've ever used in my life, what am I doing wrong? I have stored 4 fingerprints now and none of them work 95% of the time.

  4. senal weerasekara


    in day to day use this thing gets warm and I hate when things get warm. Performance wise, not a problem.

    However gaming performance was completely different. I can't run pubg on maximum settings and get 60fps. Frame rates becomes really choppy and I have to use 1080.

    But that's not the biggest issue. This becomes a frying pan while gaming. One time I answered a phone call while gaming and I almost dropped the phone because I wasn't expecting that much heat.

    You might be wondering I may have a defective unit, no. My sister has the same phone and her unit also behaves identically.

    I don't get why Samsung is doing this. Why can Samsung give Snapdragon to all flagships and make them real flagship while using exynos on their other series like A or M series.

    So that way customers will get what they want while Samsung get to improve their exynos. Andddd when they perfect the chips on their other series, only then they should have put exynos on their flagship line up.

    What Samsung doing right now is a scam.

  5. CL

    S10 is worst phone ever made.
    My old, really old LG is much better. Unfortunately, its battery is swollen and won't boost up anymore, I bought s10 and feel so sorry that I did.
    S10 phone can't even sync to my gmail. Uggggrrrrrrr….
    Don't buy S10, people.

  6. Brandon Cottier

    Recently got this phone 1 month ago. Worst purchase of my life. Phone is too big, while keyboard is very small. Cropping a photo is complicated, why?!!! Phone will always pull down icon bar without even touching it. This phone has soo many complicated useless features, yet is missing basic features every phone should have.

  7. R444T

    @1.40 Looks like the Snapdragon version has bad signal compared to the Exynos version in the UK…Can anyone explain this and should this be a reason to not import the SD version to the UK?

  8. nofactzone

    1'22 minutes in "This may be partly because the Exynos 9821 is a … ??? … chipset versus the … ??? … of the 855". Someone may be kind enough to fill in the gaps.
    Thanks again for taking the time to detail the features of the 'phone, a valuable service.

  9. Sarah Hummel

    So what was the Big Issue ? Camera Night mode and not dedicated night mode? Really? Why people so obsessed about cell phone camera? unless you a professional photographer in which case you should have a professional Camera not a phone. Or better yet get a super duper camera with night mode that can also makes calls…loll

  10. Choppa Don

    I been using my s10 plus for 2 months now and I woke up one day and tried to charge it and it kept saying water was detected in the charging port which is impossible by the way because I didn’t put it near water. I contacted people with the same phone that told me the same thing FYI also do not put it in water as one of my friend told me she did that and her phone has not been the same

  11. joanna kotsiopoulou

    Great videos.
    Im about to buy the s10+ and was thinking not to buy the exynos in order to have more battery. Are the night mode and portrait mode updated on the other or not yet?

  12. tackless

    Watching this on my Note 4 which I never had a problem with and I do not plan to change until the S-20 comes online. They are talking about skipping everything else in between to use the model number s20 to coincide with the new decade.

  13. Lusana7

    How much would it cost to get a NEW glass on the screen for the S10+??? Someone's trying to sell one for $100 with a totally cracked screen

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