The real reason Google made Android

So, why did Google make Android? In this week’s Processor episode, Dieter Bohn looks at the launch of Android ten years ago. The HTC G1, codename Dream, was the first commercially available phone that ran Android and it was released more than a year after the iPhone. But, here’s the thing, Android wasn’t meant to compete with Apple. Instead, Google was actually trying to compete with Microsoft.


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21 Replies to “The real reason Google made Android”

  1. Doremy Sweet

    Google is a monopoly. THEY KILLED EVERYTHING else, and now there is only iOS and Android. There needs to be more competition.

    Blackberry needs to make a comeback with Windows Mobile.

  2. Willy Herrera

    Before android there was Nokia Symbian. Wasn't highly massive but still popular, I remember Nokia maps were cool by then.
    Before than that I just used Ericsson phones.

  3. MSW

    What music at 1:32? Super interesting, I had a black jack and then went to G1 and the next one too, later Sony Xperia, still holding out for a new Sony that works on Volte Tmobile.

  4. starzzzy

    I SO wanted that Motorola Moto Q phone! I ended up with the Palm Treo Pro, then a BlackBerry curve and then Androids from then on. I really miss that BlackBerry Curve. It was simple, useful, and intuitive!

  5. Aaron Burns

    Going back to your roots eh. I remember getting a treo 700 I think it was and reading your stuff on the palm site you were at. Than moving to the iPhone and reading imore or whatever it was before it changed names a few times.I dig your stuff Dieter.

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