The REAL Reason iPhone XS Doesn't Come With A Fast Charger

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max come with the same slow 5W charger that Apple has been including with iPhones for years. In this video, we try to determine the REAL Reason why Apple doesn’t include a fast charger in their $1000+ smartphones.



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The REAL Reason iPhone XS Doesn’t Come With A Fast Charger


33 Replies to “The REAL Reason iPhone XS Doesn't Come With A Fast Charger”

  1. Wide Open Motorsports

    I honestly think them going completely wireless is a major reason, and they’re trying to make the money off of fast charging now before it becomes obsolete altogether. So like all businesses make money while you can before it ends altogether. People talk bad about them for being greedy and doing things like this, but wouldn’t you do the same if it was your company. They didn’t get where they are by giving things away. Let’s be honest too they make high quality products. They even feel like yes I made a smart purchase. Plus they last for years mostly without any issues at all but slowing down and that’s bc of updates not being best for the outdated hardware.

  2. daddy

    I agree with apple, wireless is the future
    we are getting to a time where batteries can last for days, months, or even years with the more and more efficient electronics, but smartphones arent at that level… yet
    we already have a true wireless charger, its not really great but its one step closer to just walking into a room and your phone will charge from 0 to 50% in just 20 minutes
    wireless electronics are getting better and better, latency on pretty much every wireless electronic isnt even noticeable, charge for 10 minutes and get days of battery life, and its still improving
    and when we do get into that time, phones could be entirely portless and buttonless, making waterproofing a lot easier, and maybe even phones getting an IP69K rating as in, to the point you can clean your phone with a steam jet cleaner
    I saw this in a video somewhere but I cant find it 🙁 the FDA finally passed a sensor that can detect fine movements, as fine as you sprinkling salt on your eggs
    this means instead of pressing on your phone to change volume, you take two fingers, put them where the volume rockers would be and do that same salt sprinkling motion which actually looked really cool in the video
    if someone finds that video please reply to the link I really wanna find it

    it started with the headphone jack removal on the essential phone as far as I know, (yes folks, apple wasnt the first ones to get rid of the headphone jack) I think it was a bit early to do that, but seems like it just barely caught on, maybe due to the fact that they made a hi-fi headphone jack module?
    I actually have no idea who got rid of the home button first, (both digital and physical home button) but I can tell you this, it was perfectly timed, we are moving into a time where smartphones are all screen, and by getting rid of the home buttons, your fullscreen phone can feel even more full screen using gestures

    but as of now, we dont seem close to removing all ports
    wired charging is still the fastest, and my guess is that its probably going to stay that way, but I would like to be proved wrong
    we still need USB for things other than charging… like transferring photos to a PC, though that can be done with Bluetooth
    there is something more important than transferring files to your PC, and that is USB debugging, it is an extremely important feature to developers, and until we find a way to get USB debugging wirelessly and efficiently, we most likely wont be seeing a truly wireless smartphone any time soon

  3. 7200itnoel

    Very stupid reason regarding battery.
    Did not include a fast charger to save iphones from overheating.. seriously?
    Then if thats your logic, apple shouldve included regular chargers at least?
    Everyone will have to buy chargers soon after anyway.

    And no. @3:10 it is not an interesting theory. Its a really stupid theory that reeks.

    Trying to set up themselves for the future doesnt mean they have to handicap the presentday users by not giving chargers.

    Bottomline. They couldve included a charger but didnt. Because greed.

  4. Sascha Lang

    clever! your opinion about this is just fantastic. I started to watch this video and I didnt expect to get any news. the first 2 reasons were clear for me before. But the 3. one with wireless charging? lol, this is cracking me up. It looks so much like Apple that it potentially may be the consideration Apple has on this point

  5. Ayden Phillips

    Here's my 50 cents. If you don't like the iPhone or Apple then DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. It's literally that simple, stop bitching about they're business practices and worry about yourself. Nobody is forced to buy an iPhone or a fast charger so stop making it out to be such a big deal.

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