The Samsung Galaxy Fold IS the future of Smart phones

I think the Galaxy Fold is the future of smart phones.

Samsung and Huawei are both coming out with folding phones. So the Galaxy Fold may actually have a future in people’s pockets. Could it be that we were wrong in mocking that phone and the Galaxy Fold series will be popular?

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30 Replies to “The Samsung Galaxy Fold IS the future of Smart phones”

  1. Dominic Lowrey

    Please do a video about what's the differences between the s line and the note I will be switching from pixel when the note 10 comes out and want to make sure I am making the right buy am I doing the right thing getting rid of my pixel 2xl?

  2. Brad N

    I will wait 2-3 years, then YES! Let them iron-out the tech, get more competition including Apple's version, and the price should settle into the USD $1600.00 – 1800.00 range, depending on configuration and features, or a bit more than the most expensive phone-phone. Which would be a great deal for true "phablet." But folding phones will only become the go-to device when Android and all work and play apps are fully optimized for the foldables, which is probably still 2-3 years down the road.

  3. Needs More Subs

    For me dimensions mean a lot. I look for and buy ipad minis rather than ipads because of the smaller dimensions. To me the idea of having something that shrinks to travel and then expands to use just makes sense.

  4. Kenneth Daniels

    I'm using an old Motorola Moto Z play I bought off eBay for $108. It has a great battery life. Just purchased an Essential Phone for $122. Lease a phone? ? Pay hundreds of dollars for a phone? ???

  5. Michael Cuccaro

    I suggest you put the foldable phone in context with two other things…. Samsung has a hypervisor in the phones that allows at least two different operating systems. This comes alive with the Samsung Dex. When you use Dex you can have Android, become Linux, or another operating system when you plug in the big screen, keyboard and mouse. So…. Imagine flipping open your folding phone and having Windows Lite…. Take it from there…..

  6. Tim Pearcy

    Why not just get a handy 7 inch $120 tablet and a good smartphone? These devices are pointed to the small number of folks who must have the latest tech, even though they have zero need for it.

  7. Wandile Tembe

    a person who saying they're not gonna buy foldable phone it's like in the past, when people didn't want to buy all screen phones. (Keypads/keyboard) . Foldable is the future. ✌️N♥️ ??

  8. Nick Bartolo

    The plastic screen will always be a deal breaker for most people. It's going to get destroyed one way or another. When foldable glass happens… maybe.

  9. Inferno

    Little bit out of topic but pls review Sony mdr xb950b1 and compare them with crusher wireless. Please it would be really helpful.

  10. Jimmy Dace

    Nice video Travis, I would love to have the the galaxy fold but it all comes down to price, if it wasn't for Samsungs trade in program I wouldn't have gotten the s10+ but I will definitely be getting a folding phone, most likely thru Samsung, cause u know Samsung is the king, keep up the great work Travis

  11. Daniel Beavers

    Yes they will. People try to make fun of them . But think about it phones are trying to get better and better. So! Were do you go from here? Bigger better and more screens. They will slim down then everyone will get one. They will also get cheaper.

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