The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes EVERYTHING!

RIP iPhone? The Samsung Galaxy S10 Promises To Revolutionize Smartphones. Nothing will ever be the same! First Look & Rumors.

2019 iPhone Leaks:

44 Replies to “The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes EVERYTHING!”

  1. Olivia Anderson

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  2. Sel in

    Hallo ?? ich habe das s8 und habe jetzt das ubdate von dem neuen s10 Handy und mir gefällt garnicht das ubdate. Ich wollte fragen ob man das wieder zurück stellen kann damit ich die alte Funktion habe ?

  3. Deshawnda Quaintance

    Samsung is the next big thing … Apple don't got nothing on Samsung phone period. Plug Samsung always ahead of iPhone.. I wanna know what the iPhone lover/fans thinking?( switching to Samsung )

  4. Eyüp SUCU

    Samsung Turkey Service don't help me. Samsung They don't contact me.

    They're not interested.

    Samsung's warranty is unreliable.

    I Regreded that I bought Samsung.

  5. Crazed Civilian

    I paid $1900 cash for my Samsung Note 9 and do not regret a thing. It makes working remotely (out of the office) seemless. It's 2019 and iPhones still don't have multitasking!!!

  6. Reallyreal346789

    Why are Android fanboys – more specifically – Samsung users so hateful? come on now. Not that I hate Android, but I stand by what I like even through times of hopelessness. What Samsung did is great. Just watch. This will give Apple the push they need to become the better one again. And which company just became worth over a trillion dollars? yeah – Apple. And don't you dare call me an iSheep. That term is just insulting and irrelevant.

  7. Steve Wu

    I didn't get you wrong. listen to your first couples of sentences…… Apple didn't improved that much since Apple was already very good phone. really?? you still trying to fool people with lies and impressions that thinking that Apple need not have to improve because it is already good. BUT you know personally that Apple has been way behind the smart phone technology just about every category. I suggest that you think hard what to say, even Apple pays you

  8. Nowhere Man

    I don’t know if I could pay 1000 dollars and above for an Android phone, I don’t care how cool it looks. It looses its value after a month.. I’ll just wait a month and the S10 is guaranteed to slash in price like every other Samsung phone.

  9. Ryan Sundoto

    why all the apple fanboy reviewer always encourages Samsung not to have a headphone jack. Don't buy that stupid idea, unless you don't need to charge the headphone.

  10. Decard Cain

    U sure this change everything ??? Lol i think the title too overhype or clickbait…. reason is
    1st: curve screen S6 was the 1st to have in samsung line up both side curve not like the note curve
    2nd: infinity O ? If im not wrong the A8S was the 1st
    3rd: in display touch screen ? I dont think samsung was the 1st phone to have it
    4th: camera ??? Well there alot of phone with 3camera

    Disclaimer> im not anti samsung or Iphone fans instead i am an samsung galaxy fan and collector i do owned galaxy S S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8plus S9plus what im trying to say is dunt get too overhyped bro by saying it a gamechanger etc…. anyway always love samsung phones

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