The Truth about Huawei P20 Pro – REAL Review

Full Review of Huawei P20 Pro – including camera test, battery life, benchmarks, performance, gaming, display and more – This review of the Huawei P20 Pro will tell you if it is worth it!
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36 Replies to “The Truth about Huawei P20 Pro – REAL Review”

  1. golwa boy

    This is the most shit review I ever read on YouTube . One min is good phone next is shit and u comparing it to iPhone X ? Really ffs everyone who owns a phone now think they can review a phone get a job

  2. Simon Wright

    The second user option or personal space is a good idea for security. If you had to hand over access to your phone, you could give a false pin to a phone that does not have personal data on it.


    Had this phone within first month fell out my pocket screen cracked already cost to get it fixed is 250 pounds plus not many places do it as it cost more for labour


    Don't get it if your looking to play games like pubg. There is a slight multi touch delay that's really annoying and messes up your game play. Basically, you will never get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ever again.

  5. Henry Shawty

    This phone is a fake iPhone ten, the notch the camera the home button being missing, it’s so fake and you have to admit it, this phone company copies Apple day in day out, the iPhone 10 was released in November 2017 while the huwawei was released in March 2018, this phone is horrid

  6. robin hoed

    I got no regrets of buying the Huawei p20 pro. In this video you try to sum up all the things which you you think are bad or no good. But really you just did the oppesit. I hope huawei will get bigger then apples iPhone :p

  7. Satvir Singh

    P20 pro vs iPhone 8 Plus, which one is best in term of hardware and software (screen quality, speed,camera,durability,gaming,features,etc) please answer

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