The TRUTH About OnePlus Nord!

OnePlus Nord was inevitable. Here’s why.
Nord Impressions:
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Phone provided by OnePlus for review.


48 Replies to “The TRUTH About OnePlus Nord!”

  1. Yash Pariyani

    Hey Marques, Thank You for saying the thirty thousand rupees, keep up the good work.
    Also, you must know, there are people from many countries watching you and not only U.S, especially, the Indians.

  2. bagya Aluthge

    IDK, I have this and this is great!!

    Display – Great
    Battery – Great
    Charging – Great
    Performance – very good (gaming)
    Cams – well….Okay.. Really not that bad, but if you are buying for cams. DON'T.

    That's all, ask if y'all got any Qs.

  3. Christian Escalera

    I got the OnePlus 8 Pro two months later after release. Since, then I've had minor problems that with time became bigger. I have a lot freezing and screen sensitivity problems. Also, the phone came scratched and have developed water marks inside the screen. I contacted OnePlus various times and they made me hard reset my phone to fix the issue. I did and the problems seem to get worse. Now they're ignoring my emails and I have a $1,000 phone that doesn't work properly. This is so frustrating when you spend this much money for something that doesn't work right. There's also a useless camera that doesn't do much. I wish I would've just went with a different manufacturer. This will be my last OnePlus phone. I highly not recommend this phone unless you want to throw $1,000 in the trash… IM SO FRUSTRATED WITH THIS COMPANY. Stay away from this company.

  4. Kathryn Streamqueen

    I found the speaker loud so not sure I agree with the 'not very loud' comment. Yes, you can cover it up but I haven't found myself doing that accidentally yet.

    I find the screen colours etc very good and sharp looking; nice and bright. The Oneplus galaxy background you get with the phone looks so good.

    It is a shame it does not have a water-resistant rating but that is the only thing about it that bothers me.

    The camera is not as good as others on the market but with some practise you can produce some nice pictures that look good but sometimes it takes more practise than others where you can rely on auto being great first time.

    Battery life has impressed me as I have just used my Oneplus Nord to replace a 4 year old Sony Xperia Compact that had a dying battery.

  5. Minace 141

    What is the point of even offering a phone without wireless charging in 2020? My 2018 Phone hasn't seen a cable since buying it. Im not gonna change that with a new one

  6. Andrew Dancer

    It's a phone right?

    Personally the camera is good enough and would use 'the real thing' for anything else.

    NFC & 5G raise this device to another level and if you don't need 'the state of the art' – which I don't, then The OnePlus Nord is a great option.

    Great honest and realistic video. Thank you for posting.

  7. FreeToBe

    No headphone jack? Pass. It looks so good in blue with all the rights features but the jack port is a must for me. I might as well spend on Xiaomi alternatives that are also custom ROM friendly.

  8. Tech God

    it's clear how he finds minor details that are not as good when it comes to anything except iphones… this phone is clearly great, almost flagship specs, and yet he gives praise to that disgrace of a phone, iphone SE.. and talks about nord like it's a shit phone.. it's literally one of the best phones with a price of a mid range.. if you want to nitpick, then do that for iphones as well, since they have a lot more actual fails and mistakes to be criticized.

  9. Raph0ne

    Hi, I'm wondering if there's a possible way to change the settings of Back button and Home in those new Smartphones .. is there any Option for lil Old people who might find those Button-less annoying?

  10. Someoneelse

    Hey, I got a crazy idea, give me ONE good camera (no selfiecam needed) a headphone jack and a good display, then figure out how to make the battery last 2 days (bigger battery or lower consumption or both)
    And another thing, no one wants to her crappy music from a crappy speaker ever, so don't use your phone as a music player unless you have the headphones plugged in.
    NEVER use speakerphone unless you are far enough from other people so they can't hear it.

  11. Melania Wong

    I Have this phone, and to be honest, its overrated!
    But cant complain since it was given to me as a gift, but given a chance to choose, id pick the Pixel 4a over Nord.

    Oxygen OS is Overrated. Its Boring, and Bland OS.

  12. jMussi

    Especially in Northern countries Finland and Sweden Oneplus is already huge. From lets say 10 close friends of mine two owns Iphones, 1 has a samsung and the rest owns Oneplus phone.

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