The Truth About The Huawei P20 Pro…

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40 Replies to “The Truth About The Huawei P20 Pro…”

  1. nhairek

    I wish you had mentioned the beauty mode on the camera that can't be disabled (even set at 0). This is my first android and I have never heard of such a thing before (and so did not research much further), only had 3 iPhones previously and never really had any problems with the camera. I mostly take photos and videos of people, so this is a huge problem for me. I think I will have to sell it, because a good camera on my phone is essential for me as a frequent traveller and just photographing in general etc.

    Good battery was a plus, but the camera is unusable to me like this. Even the touted low-light images are horrible and blurry (group photos etc, as opposed to photographing objects).

    Note, I switched from an iPhone 5s and will probably go back to use that until I find another phone that suits my needs.

  2. Gordan Culjak

    I'm interested in, do you mind if the 3.5mm earphone output was dropped from the phone and did not resolve bluetooth support for the Dolby Atmos equalizer. So using a bluetooth headset can not use the full potential of the equalizer. In fact, there is no equalizer at all! That's a problem with P20pro.
    What are your thoughts? I know you like a Bluetooth headset.

    All the best

  3. rimpompin

    How were able. To get it if huaweii don't sell phone in the states unless you got from Amazon or ebay even though before its launch its impossible. Unless you were in china I don't understand huaweii don't sell in the states

  4. sdemosi

    The missus mostly uses her Mate 20 Pro instead of her Nikon DSLR camera. It's so good because it's so easy to take a great photo regardless of light conditions. She's an artist and she needs great photos to draw from. The Mate 20 Pro delivers all the time. Kicks the absolute pants off her previous iphone X.

  5. AsmRArtist

    Just ordered the p20 pro. I got offered the P20 Lite and turned it down and got the Pro. It'll be here tomorrow and I hope I made the best decision..

  6. jonathan lopez

    he goes like "i can spend a whole day with out charing the battery" and happy about it. i remmber 10 years ago when the phones cud go 3-5 Days with out charging

  7. Kilian

    Paid £300 for mine and absolutely love it compared to my old iPhone 6s plus. Best phone I've ever owned and signal/4g speeds are really good!

  8. ray forster

    The experts are split on which smartphone camera is best. Huawei P20 pro, or the Google Pixel 3? I am a new subscriber to you, so have you tried the pixel 3 yet??

  9. Martin James

    Couldnt care about wireless charging or camera or fingerprint scanners or fingerprints.. logic says scanner is better on front if using a case. I have a Samsung Note 4 which is one of the best all round phones ever made, with its fast 4G+ mode, hi res 518ppi Amoled screen, fast charging, powerful Krait processor, panoramic camera, barometer, stylus, and only just now considering an S8 or Note 8. Some dont like S9 due to size/ form factor. Very little real world difference in performance of current phones from Note 4 and Note 4 has a large removable battery! People want to know how stock UI performs and compare performance..we can all change it so why not review the stock UI? Xiaomi Mi 9 is supposed to be similar hi spec to try next.

  10. Wino Kitty

    Too bad this P20 Pro and the upcoming P30 r not being picked up by CDMA carrieres, especially when all my devices are on CDMA. The P30 Pro looks like it's going to be a great camera phone. I'd get one when it comes out later if I could hook it up.

  11. L Sie

    night mode won't be so nice with moving objects (plus our shaky hand) at night, e.g. with kids moving around… It is easier to snap stationery objects at low light

    Also, just realized there isn't 3.5mm headphone jack. However USB-C adaptor is available (as mentioned by some users)

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