The TRUTH about the HUAWEI P30 PRO !

The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro has been fully leaked by Spigen and Science and Knowledge. So let’s talk about the truth about the Huawei p30 pro. Checkout Science and Knowledge:
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Will Huawei make it three straight sensational flagships with the P30 Pro? Rumours are already swirling about the company’s next premium handset, which has a couple of tough acts to follow. Even so, it could again be the flagship to beat in early 2019, although Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and other handsets may give it a run for its money.
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38 Replies to “The TRUTH about the HUAWEI P30 PRO !”

  1. My Road to Thailand

    Greetings from Thailand. I am sure hoping Canada and Huawei can mend fences because my cell provider is still Carrying Huawei for now but there is talk from the government to ban them. If they do I will move to Asia full time. I want this Huawei P30. As it will be replacing my Huawei Mate 9 which I like. ??

  2. LateNite

    I have to have my headphone jack, expandable memory and I prefer my fingerprint scanner on the back and zero notch. I don't care if it has a small bezel.

  3. Sajid Lone

    If i tell u the truth samsung can crush huawei and anyway huawai is already getiing banned in some countries and their themes are shit anyway. I ain't never buyin those peices of shit

  4. Juuk

    Huge fan of Huawei phones i got a P20 lite atm and it's so sleak looking and it never lags or crashes, im looking to buy p30 after some reviews are out, i want to see the camera ?

  5. Jose Arrivillaga

    Its look great this telephone, I look forward to see this telephone in United States and the technical support available. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  6. Edgar Paulk

    Good video. I hope they have the glue gate problem behind them. It would be interesting to know if they are still using the problematic LG screen. I had the Mate 20 Pro with the LG screen but it never gave any problems. I just hope they stay away from LG. Any one else with this concern.

  7. Lash Gash

    I want Huawei to have asexual design that doesn't look like a baby of Samsung and apple like. They just have great technology but why just this design not a big deal.

  8. Aarav Anand

    I am with the p20 lite and damn it's going to be 1 year and it's buttery smooth and it's build quality is really appreciable ❤️❤️?……. hope to earn thier flagships once i start earning ❤️ true way to go Huawei!

  9. The Kop YNWA

    I have been using P20 since 2018 June. Only recently do I notice sometime the phone lags in showing all the icons…dunno why. But 99% of the time it's fine. Let's see what P30 has to offer.

  10. Jacksnake D.

    Have used HTC,Sony and Samsung from many years but Huawei smartphones are the best that a standard user could have: great performance, unique design and colours, best cameras, one of the best battery life and fast charging, great optimization. Maybe Samsung has best displays, but in time, most of have that burn issue( S6, S8 and S9+). Even all haters couldn"t admit, the facts are that in 2019-2020 Huawei will be nr.1. Just look at Huawei ascending from 2-3 years ago. Samsung is struggling and adopted all kind of notches this year and put 3,4,5 cameras but…useless. There are very good devices , for sure , but with just some upgrades, users will follow Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, brands that really bring new inovations for same(or less) money. Even most expected , Aniversary S10 has nothing ,,wow".Almost same design as last year (instead of one hole and pill notch), little big battery, same camera as Note 9(see the tests) with very little upgrade, same Siri and a ,,little" useless 1TB storage. And the year has just began…

  11. Daniel Beavers

    This is fake news. Yes the Huwaie p 20 pro was the best phone from 2018 to 2019. But it's not telling you its because it was the first phone to launch for 2019. They came out with it at the end of Dec so they could make this fake claim of having they best phone out. Duhhh!!! It was the first of the year. But now the Samsung s10 has came out and its better.

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