The Truth About The iPhone XS Max: 2 Months Later

iPhone XS Max Review after two months. Covering Display, Design, Cameras, Performance, Battery & Price.
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The Apple iPhone XS Max features a 6.5″ Super Retina OLED Display, Apple A12 Bionic Chip, upto 512GB Storage, IP68 Water & Dust Resistance, 12MP dual rear cameras, 7MP Selfie Camera and Face ID with Memoji

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39 Replies to “The Truth About The iPhone XS Max: 2 Months Later”

  1. Matthew Scott

    Apple users a year ago I hate Samsung cameras they add a filter and it doesnt look realistic apple users when they get the xs I cant believe apple didnt do this before my pictures look so good I barely have to edit them

  2. Madison Valenzuela

    Doesn’t anybody want them to get rid of that little writing underneath the IPhone writing? It gets a bit annoying and doesn’t look the best! Please tell me it’s not just me who thinks this!… LOL?

  3. Jameel Khan

    I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi even Wi-Fi not working l used I'm so board i buy 5000 saudi riyal but I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi please don't buy iPhone xs max i

  4. kiramama

    Discovered a crack on the camera glass just where the microphone hole was. Just like the reports mentioned, ever since the X. Mine has been with a cover fitted day 1 and free from drops.
    Apple has came back saying they need to replace the entire phone for this… durable? I don’t think so.

  5. Beautyy Jackkson

    This video just helped me make the decision to get the iPhone XS Max I was stuck between the Xs or the Xs max …hopefully I like the fact that there’s no home button or a way for me to charge my phone and use my headphones…I may buy iPods also idk yet … I wonder if he has a video review on them

  6. St8kout

    I'm looking to upgrade from iphone5, MAINLY to get wifi calling as ATT service sucks here in Las Vegas. And when you upgrade, you should always go for the latest state of the art. It pays off in the long run.
    Btw, when it comes to memory, my iphone 5 has only 16GB, and I STILL have 3GB available. So unless you plan to shoot a lot of video, spending too much on memory can be a waste, (and you can always off load video/pics to your computer if you fill it up). Just sayin.'

  7. thomas Blizzard

    Coming from the XS max I can't justify the price. Returned and went with the note 9. Better features and overall best value for your money.. will miss the Apple ecosystem but Apple is robbing you out of 1100 when the 7+ 8+ is just as good as the newer models. I will not be returning to IOS until Apple actually brings something to the table.

  8. DrAy D

    I don’t understand why people complain about not having a fingerprint scanner. Man, fuck a finger print scanner! I love Face ID, that shit is money! I was a long time android user and I switched to the Max. My last phone was the note 8 and I’ve played with the note 9 and i honestly could not tell the difference between that and my note 8. Feature vs feature, most of that android stuff most people don’t even use so it’s irrelevant. The Max does exactly what I need it to do and better than the note did it. I do miss picture in picture with YouTube but other than that, I’m team Max all day!

  9. DrAy D

    I don’t understand why people complain about not having a fingerprint scanner. Man, fuck a finger print scanner! I love Face ID, that shit is money!

  10. Howard Johnson

    Max has an oled display and larger. Thats it

    All hardware specs are exactly the same with the other versions of iphone X. There ya go. My review in 5 seconds.

  11. Elijah Hooks

    Shockingly, I’m able to use my Face ID even when my phone is laying flat on a surface; I honestly never have to lift my phone up to have the sensors detect my face, and I have the iPhone XR by the way.

  12. spanishsamurai

    Very lovely piece of tech and if I could have two phones I would but I'm not a rich man……… love my note 9……. I'll just get an ipad pro eventually…. good review.

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