The Truth About the Pocophone F1!

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 might be the most hyped phone of the year – Is it worth it?

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Phone provided by Xiaomi for review.

40 Replies to “The Truth About the Pocophone F1!”

  1. Dhiman Singha

    that poco name is to fight with oppo in india because in jan 2018 oppo launches a brand name realme to compete with redmi by xiaomi in budget segment of india. that why xiaomi lauches a brand in flagship killer market of india

  2. Sanket Radde

    Iam using this phone the widevine L1 support for Netflix is given by software update bro you said its and hardware problem it also gets a night mood and superslow motion at 960 and android 9. So pretty good phone.
    I used one plus 6t for PUBG mobile and suppressing pocof1 give me more performance and less heat issues.

  3. Adnan Ahmed

    Actually the correct spot for a finger print sensor is in the front because ur not supposed to have to pick up the entire phone just to unlock it u should just be able to unlock by tapping the screen then just touching the sensor

  4. RJ RizTrey

    Hey what headphones are you using? Tell me the name of those red ones
    By the way the did get widevine support now so you can run paid apps in full HD

  5. max roy

    guess what its getting the stable software update for netflix and amazon for hd content playback , the camera is way better than avg with g cam installed. 🙂 it also got 960 fps slowmow and will soon get 4k 60fps recording. 🙂

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