The Truth About the Samsung Galaxy Note 9: One Month Later

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review after one month. Covering Display, Design, Cameras, S Pen, Performance, Battery & Price.
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4″ Super AMOLED Infinty Display, S Pen with Remote Bluetooth, 8GB RAM upto 512GB Storage with MicroSD, IP68 Water & Dust Resistantance, 12MP dual rear camera with dual-aperture, 8MP Selfie Camera with AF, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810, 4000mAh battery, Iris Scanner, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner and Intelligent Scan.

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34 Replies to “The Truth About the Samsung Galaxy Note 9: One Month Later”

  1. kmhuis

    3.5m mm headphones will ALWAYS be relevant. Nobody wants to have to use battery powered headphones that 90% of the time are left somewhere and forgotten to charge up. Ill never buy a phone without headphone jack.

  2. The custom Knight

    I understand the features saf but you didn’t outline exactly what it was like for the month you used it for was it good did it heat up batt is it up to what they say it is lagging please mention exactly what’s in the thumbnail this is pretty much how the phone works not a personal opinion review like you said we know specs already

  3. xlxcrossxlx

    I hate how the icons are so cartoon looking and you have to download third party software for new ones or a new theme, but other than that i'm loving this phone.

  4. John jones

    And it cracks me up how people act like it's such a travesty to not always have maximum screen resolution on, I love having the option for all the battery saving applications. You can run YouTube all day on maximum power saving mode

  5. MrTreblue

    I'm very tempted after watching this… I've been promising myself a Note since the Note 4 but have always stuck with the 'S' series. It would be a huge help with things I do like photography and gaming etc. The S-Pen would also be very useful. It may just be time to switch over…

  6. Hugo Núñez

    There's an issue with the 2x rear camera, when you activate it the image starts blurring really bad, and a weird sound comes out for a few seconds. It started on my note 9 recently, and I have seen several YouTube videos of users reporting the same problem. It might be in all note 9 devices. So sad that now I have to send it to the Samsung's customer service that really sucks here in Mexico! ??

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