The TRUTH about XIAOMI !

Xiaomi is releasing the Mi 8 and opens new stores across europe with the Mi8 launch. With the Xiaomi Mi 8 they are going to conquer the western countries.
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21 Replies to “The TRUTH about XIAOMI !”

  1. Lukas Zdanavicius

    So next talk about apple truth :)) 3-4x times overpriced items. Their shop cannot repair simple things in laptop motherboards, they just say buy a new motherboard the price of a new laptop. Finally a company gives products for good price and you cry because of the ad's . YouTube , Facebook use ads for giving you ,,free service" and you don't complain so much.

  2. Desmond

    European or Oceania market rule of thumb.
    1)Invest in R&D. We don't want iOS knock offs.
    2)We hate bloatware so only pre-install necessary ones.
    3)Make a better rounded phone with a good after sales, not a cheapo buy and burn phone. Good hardware has to go with good software and integration between the two is key.
    4)Prioritise your on core smartphone functions and not gaming like you do in Asian markets.
    5)Offer quick updates as well as monthly security patches. This is important especially for people who work in the business or government sector where confidentiality is important.

    There are other thing I'd like to mention but they're pretty subjective.

  3. Syrian Alpechi

    E-commerce…Its a thing in China and may soon to be to the whole world. Monopolies will be a much more commonplace probably in the future but who knows Technology brings good stuff but it always at leave a bad stuff

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