THE ULTIMATE BEGINNER GUIDE! – Stardew Valley – Starter Tips & Tricks!

► THE ULTIMATE BEGINNERS GUIDE! Everything you need to know to get you started in Stardew Valley!

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39 Replies to “THE ULTIMATE BEGINNER GUIDE! – Stardew Valley – Starter Tips & Tricks!”

  1. Martin Gomez

    great video,i just started playing, for donating to the bundles, does haveing a gold or silver item give a better reward or it doesnt take that into account?

  2. Reanna Phillips

    I've had this game for over a year and today was the first day I've actually got any gameplay in. This was super helpful (and I can't believe I cut all my grass >.<) so thanks!

  3. Blue C

    So im thinking about buying this game in PS4 but i have a question. Is there a storyline to this game and if there is, will i still be able to continue after the storyline ends? Thx.

  4. o o

    Imagine drinking at night then falling asleep on a bench then wake up at home then finding out you have been fined

  5. TrashMutt Reviews

    When I play this game I get frustrated because there is no sense of get this stuff done because when you get up you have to water all your plants because decent sprinklers are hard to get and by the time it's all watered you are out of energy so you can't go mining or anything interesting. Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong?

  6. alectric alexia

    How do you make a chest? (I play the mobile version it's the same as the pc version except just on mobile) this is my first time playing I never played this game before and Just bought it the other day.

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