The Ultimate Pixel 3 KILLER

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**It’s worth noting the Poco F1 might not have support for your North American carrier! Please do some research before buying. 😀

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28 Replies to “The Ultimate Pixel 3 KILLER”

  1. Spencer Roose

    So I have a pocophone and I downloaded the gcam APK and a great preset for gcam settings… then I got NOVA launcher Prime for 5 bucks. After doing these things, I am having a hard time seeing the reason to root the phone. Am I missing anything or is the process in this video overkill?

  2. White Hair

    Does anyone know if the unlocking of this phone with the links provided actually allow T-Mobile bands to work on the Poco? Rather not waste time and money just to see it not get LTE.

  3. elbitxo

    nice, but you should warn Ryzen users the mi-unlock tool doesn't work with their computers. A link to a detailed guide on the forum would have been great, also.

  4. Donvalerio

    I followed the instructions carefully and keep getting "android.process.acore" popping multiple times a second. I cleared the cache but still same issue.

  5. Dennis Ritchie

    You should have also given warning that flashing a new rom means flashing custom recovery software; you will (NOT MAY) void any warranty from any company that you bought this phone from. You also would have to use a rooted app to restore the original rom, and relock the bootloader, and set the bit that detects if the firmware has been tampered with…and it's not a sure thing either.

  6. Arabind

    Hey Linus , thanks for the guide I changed my ROM to Lineage OS but the link you gave for Disable Force encryption treble is not working for Magisk v18 . I rooted using V17 but Magisk manager asks updates every time , any solution for that.

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