The World Ends With You: DS vs Android vs Switch: Day 1 Comparison

A comparison between The World Ends with You for the DS, Solo Remix for mobile devices, and Final Remix for the Nintendo Swich. Enjoy.

It’s So Wonderful – The World Ends With You
It’s So Wonderful (Final Remix) – The World Ends With You: Final Remix.
End Music:
Persona 5 – Confession – piano version

The World Ends with You DS version played using
Desmume 0.9.11.
The World Ends with You Final Remix Gameplay by:
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38 Replies to “The World Ends With You: DS vs Android vs Switch: Day 1 Comparison”

  1. skull art

    Ngl i hate how they didn't even for the 60€ switch version bothered to update the background characters but instead just "smoothed" the ds sprites again

  2. Shinybea Revidra

    I think that what makes the game really interesting is how you have to pay attention to both screens to control the characters, it's a mechanic I haven't seen in other games. The Switch and phone version are cool but they lack the feature that makes the game unique.
    I'm wondering how the control of many characters simultaneously will be handled in NEO.

  3. Juan de la Cruz Monserrat

    No sé que emulador estarás usando, pero lo estoy jugando en una Nintendo DSi y va mas fluido que en lagdroid y en la switch.. y los gráficos no son así de pixelados(puede ser el relleno de gente en los cruces pero nada más) la banda sonora es impresionante va de maravillas jugarlo con unos auriculares Beats Monster 🎧. Saludos 👍

  4. AxZel Animations

    Had to learn the hard way that Co op mode has exclusive Partner Pins that you won't be able to use in Switch Lite despite having an extra joy con.

    I thought the extra partner pins can be used with Solo Handheld as well >.>

  5. Sty Cfy

    Wish they developed a remix for the 3ds, using some pins conflicts with how to use your partners attack when playing in handled mode on switch lite.

  6. Jennifer Mabel

    the DS dual screen combat was pretty hard for me back when I played it as a child, I played co-op mode with my brother, me on the bottom and he on the top, good memories.

  7. ALex нSIAO

    Frick. I wanted to get an rpg so my switch was actually fun but apprently this game sucks on the switch. I have a 3ds though, so I'll play thos eventually.

  8. Kalina Desseaux

    hahahaha this is just proof the DS is the best… the words crossing right over neku just, no;; tho ok, a few points to switch for being cleaerer graphics
    very good comaprrission, clear, needed

  9. Eidrian

    Demn I miss this game. Played the DS version on drastic emulator on my nexus tablet years ago. Since the game was originally designed for DS, remasters cant really showcase its fullest potential with only one screen. Yes the graphics and audio might be better on switch but you cant emulate the full dual screen experience, so DS still wins for most people (especially those who have played the DS).

  10. Drowned-K`

    Ds versión es la mejor por el simple echo de que cuando peleas con tu compañero pelean en diferentes dimensiones lo cual en el juego explica que aún que estén en diferentes partes es como si estuvieran unidos. Y el de android y switch no es como si estuvieran en el mismo lugar. Lo cual es una contradicción con los diálogos.

  11. Emptilion

    It's a shame that some stuff had to get cut or switched around due to the dual screen of the DS. But I really felt like the whole "control 2 characters at once" thing was too much. The controlls on the android version are absolutely my favorite way to experience this game. Haven't tried the switch version yet, but I feel like the joycons and the bigger screen would also fuck me up. And the price tag is just a big no for me. The new content isn't even that amazing from what I have seen.

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