Things I love about iOS vs Android

This is what iOS gets right when compared to Android. Watch our full video.


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26 Replies to “Things I love about iOS vs Android”

  1. Galactic Chris

    Can't really brag about the camera though seen as not only are there some spectacular choices for android camera phones. But for the price of an iphone you could buy a decent android phone and also a far superior compact camera that will beat both iphone and Android. Maybe even have some money left over. Me personally I have an Asus ZenFone 4 max and the camera is underwhelming I will admit but for the same price as this phone (250 pounds) I got a Sony HX60 compact camera. That's 500 pounds leaving me up to 500 pounds spare if I had bought an iphone X. 500 pounds for the luxury of having my camera built in is not a price im willing to pay. Sorry apple.

  2. Fidel Fabian Dalisay

    When it comes to security & camera, i go with iphones. For everything else, its android.

    The security feature alone is more than enough reason, for me, to go for iphones.

    For gaming, android definitely without a doubt.

    So if your a gamer choose android.

    If your into online transactions, social media apps or just the casual call and messaging choose iphone for a more secure os.

  3. nas4atu10

    Wtf do you mean Apple's gesture based navigation is half baked?! It's by far the best implementation out there currently. These dumba** videos are precisely why I left this channel to begin with. SMH.

  4. android news

    I love Android I can never go to iPhone I can do more stuff in Android I love how you can change the icon how you can see the nice wallpaper in home screen with out having it block by lots of apps that you can put a widget and that when you get app out of the playstore you do not have to go all the time to the setting to allow it to work you just installed it app because you all ready unknown sources check already when you have a TV that cast you mirror you andriod phone without buying other stuff like Apple type c chager come in the box with phone without buying it separately that I can choose on Many andriod phone and wear os and they have good phone with a good price on Android Apple is too much the only thing that I would use in Apple is the earphone that all

  5. Karlo Vestil

    I have been using both Android and iOS for 9 years now. Last year when Pixel 2 came out, I full on switched to Android. Last year was just a mess for iOS. I love my Pixel 2 XL up to now, but Android apps are just inferior to iOS apps. Developers tend to build better apps on iOS than Android. I have been noticing that for a while and, while I do like Android Pie, iOS 12 is just smoother and a better experience this time around. This is why I switched back to iOS… for now. Oh and yes, I agree on how iPhones make better videos, but Pixel still takes the best damn photos by far.

  6. Neel Abraham

    I think that was a big mistake when you said iPhone gesture based navigation feels half baked. That’s one of the most advanced and innovative change that Apple has done in the recent years which Android is trying hard to ape. It’s so fluid that some of us never used multitasking so extensively till the gesture navigation made things feel so natural.

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