This is the FUTURE of OnePlus Smartphones

OnePlus smartphones like the OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro are about to get a huge update when Android 11 is launched. Its called Oxygen OS 11 and it will fundamentally change how you interact with OnePlus phones. But is it any good and are there changes that we like? Well let’s dive into this new OnePlus OS to see what’s changed and how it can be improved as the beta program moves on.


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31 Replies to “This is the FUTURE of OnePlus Smartphones”

  1. Christian B.

    I really hate how they make all icons in the settings app one colour. There is a reason why google made them different colours to make them much easier to distinguish. I used a pixel before the op8 and getting around the settings is much more annoying now. Shows that Oneplus sometimes really doesnt understand why google designed their os a certain way. Thats why i dont 100% trust them when they redesign aspects.

  2. 7 ITESE

    From a Pixel phone, I chose OP over Mi because of the stock experience. Now I will consider both the brands when thinking about getting a new phone. Mi 10 Ultra is a pretty attractive option

  3. Insanely Sane

    Actually I like Oxygen OS 10 is more simpler or fluider or sleeker . I mean I switched to Oneplus so that the UI don't look like samsungs One UI it just seems like its made for more business or old people who have eye issue cause everything is big and bulky ..

  4. Danyal Hussain

    I dont mind the aesthetic changes as long as they dont fiddle with the things that were right before. Also speed/smoothness should still be detrimental factors going forward. If their UI can adapt a stock look/feel but at the same time embed Samsung One handed optimizations I'm cool with it. The only reason I hate samsung software is because of the duplicates and junk such as Offive suite being preinstalled

  5. Eric Svensson

    I don't really like the new spacing and text size. I much more prefer the smaller text, looks better. Sure, it might be easier to reach, but i'd rather have a nice looking UI than sacrifice it for a bit of reachability.

  6. Steps Parku

    This should be fine as long as it doesn't pack bloatwares. OnePlus users deserves a refresh with tons of customization. We got used to that since CyanogenMod from the original OnePlus one.

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