This is the HTC U12

HTC will launch its next flagship the HTC U12 at a dedicated event in March or April and not in Mobile world congress.

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35 Replies to “This is the HTC U12”

  1. Adam Xyz

    Never forget HTC customer service and warranty is trash. If you buy this phone and it stops working or malfunctions in any way you are on your own. Go read the reviews of their warranty department.

    Speaking from personal experience, my HTC 10 stopped working 4 months after buying directly from HTC usa website. Sent it in for repair, 2 months of them telling me they lost my phone, nothing they can do, and absolute scam type of customer service. When I finally did get a phone after calling and yelling at them everyday and threatening to sue them, they sent me a refurbished HTC 10 not the one I sent them. It had broken gps, broken rear camera that was always blurry, and if you made a phone call there would be a terrible echo that the person you were speaking to would hear.

    HTC deserves to die, terrible company terrible management terrible customer service don't be a fool and don't waste your money on them. Also I will say one plus has the same type of bullshit warranty repair system.

  2. Carl Johnson

    TechTalkTV has 148k subs, channel revolves around "tech" and can't even tell the difference between Mbps and MBps. Mbps is megabits per second and is 8x slower than MBps (megabytes per second).

    What I'm saying is, if you don't even know this difference, you don't deserve your subs because you are giving them wrong information.

  3. TechPimp

    I want a phone with sterio front facing speakers yet ultra small bezels the was the S9+ has one front facing speakers. I also want super wide lens and one portrait lens in the rear and front. Ir blaster, Quick charge 4.0, lazer autofocus selfie cam and Dual Pixel A/F in the rear cam.

  4. He'sGoingOverThatCliff AUGH

    I went from a DECADE long HTC diehard fan to an angry dissenter as soon as they came out with the U11. I returned it right away when I found that it was WORSE than my M10 and didn't include a headphone jack. They are so focused on keeping up with iPhone that they never realized why Android, mostly Samsung left them in the dust. I don't like the Samsung interface, but it sure beats getting a new HTC or iPhone!

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